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Never since Michael Jackson released the Thriller video, has someone as mainstream as Nicki Minaj or Michael release anything so demonically disturbing.  This was performed on mainstream media and on primetime.  For a person who is not credited for much of her song writing, I must say the performance was very expressive and allusive, making many allegorical statements.


The performance was very script and they have us all creased, to be submerged and obsessed by something that is subliminal.   As the Roman Catholic Church questions is Nicki Minaj possessed by Satan, she gave them power and the last word. 


Unlike Michael the Jehovah’s Witness  led him to denounce the idea of his following Satanism, as to say it was all in fun.  As it is still played on Halloween vigorously.  And Michael’s demise may have answered many questions about his influences on mankind.  How this plays out is the question.  The drama just begun!


Apostle Paul



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