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Black Cat

Evil Can Blind One’s Sight

There are people who do evil things and are very arrogant. They think they can harm people and screw with people without any repercussions and/or consequences. They think they can do wrong and it will never catch up to them. And often they find loyalty based on fear, meaning they do wrong for the wrong people, thinking the people they do wrong for has their backs and will hurt them only if they disobey their leader.  But Satan’s kingdom is a divided kingdom. The Devil is a liar! He is out to do you harm from the beginning of your relationship with him.   For example, a person takes kickbacks and gets paid from people doing wrong to turn their heads from the wrong being done. But what they fail to realize is the same person who gave them the money (kickbacks) is the one’s who is going to eventually turn them in.  Why?  Because Satan’s kingdom is divided and there is no real loyalty among evil doers. They are all for self. Look at the Mayor of New Orleans who got convicted of 20 counts, he was educated and well connected or better yet look at the Mayor of Detroit who already got sentenced to 28 years. Corrupt people days are limited.  Their folly eventually catches up to them.   You have people who you think are fearless and not afraid of anything and so they do evil, thinking nothing is going to happen to them ever and they really do not care if they die, because they are lost causes and only know how to do wrong. They live to do wrong.  But even they have a weakness, just because they do not care about themselves does not mean they do not care about someone else or something. And the man knows this.  Because they are not Job in the bible, they can be destroyed by the loss of someone close to them, a loved one, a child or grandchild or things they own can be taken. So going after such a person directly is not always the best move because they really do not care about themselves. As they think they cannot be hurt by anything, they actually can be hurt, because everyone has a weakness. Even Samson had a weakness, but sometimes it is hard to figure out.   Often they fail to understand that when they pick fights, they do not always get to make the rules of warfare they entered themselves in or how one will strike back at them, because all is fair in war.  I see people down here to have become very comfortable with doing wrong towards people to include doing wrong against me, which is due to the education level of the community somewhat. But I am not just talking about the illiteracy level which is very high here, but the religious upbringing of the community as well. Many people here believe in God in a different light than many people up North do, where there is much more religious freedom and acceptance we all can think differently.   Down here you have people who smoke crack regularly, prostitute their body for a hit of crack, sell drugs on the streets everyday, rob and  steal  and even kill people senselessly in the night, yet they fear God to the point as to even question the truth about God to understand the relevance in life as to what they have been taught. To even discuss God is taboo by many evil doers, not to mention people who have faith but have no understanding and just repeat what they hear.  And some leaders with bad intent and false teachers of this community often takes advantage of this everyday, by repressing the people who are in darkness instead of lifting them up.   Many people still have a slave mentality about God and are easily mislead by liars, who say they believe in some of the most ignorant foolishness and teach these lies to the people, but really do not believe it themselves. Just as the Jews do not believe in Christ, but wrote the book on him, many people her profess in Christ but have no God in them.  As a result what you have is a land filled with sacrificial lambs, being used and abused and misled to be slaughtered.  And I wonder if because they believe I know better and know many leaders in America are liars and thieves, they see me as a threat and blackballed me thru calculated lies. Yet I do not have a problem with their falsehoods at this time. I am only trying to live and let live, because what is going on here is too far gone and vengeance is the Lord’s anyway and on his day, they will find out their fate.   There is simply too many lost souls and the stakes are much too high for me to not invest some of my time in changing the mentally or mindset of these lost people. But my adversaries say let them believe what they want to believe and follow who they want to follow, because they are not your flock unless they answer your call.  But I claim them anyway and will try help all who seek for my assistance.  Yet they think I am a joke and a crazy man, so who am I to kiss up to them to save them from these liars and foolish builders?  I myself is catching hell also and a lot of my energy is to just stay above water until my day   Though I will serve my local community to the best of my ability, my mission  is much bigger than where I rest my head and I cannot afford to forget this.   But I am here in Avon Park, FL now and when the people here finally lift the veils from their own eyes and they eventually will, because truth is greater than any lie ever told and they see the truth, that they are being mislead, used and abused by the people they put their trust in, I will be there for them. But if it takes too long, I might be gone, because one day I must move on. Because this town is filled with evil and corrupt to its core, and nobody is trying to wakeup the sleepers.  But understand I am not their enemy, but have suffered with them, nor am I a joke to be played with. But I am lonely to some degree, only because I have not many people I can talk to. It is hard on a man who had a glimpse of the truth here on earth, during a times when evil is good and good is evil.  Evil can blind one’s sight.  And have you ever wanting things outside your reach that you cannot have.  Desire is the sin of all sins.   The Apostle Paul

Avon Park Youth Academy Riot

Avon Park Leaders Are Petty Thieves Who Breeds On Fears & Lies

Sometimes community leaders have ill intent, but this is not always the case. But those who have not righteousness in their hearts, tend to want to control the people in the community for their own selfish ends. They persuade people to think along their lines of reasoning that is often wrong in order to control the resources that comes into the community to help the people, such as government grants, foundation and private grants so forth.  They do this with the intent of shaving some of the money off of the top to line their pockets, meanwhile the people believe due to their popularity, power and influence outside of the community (among whites) that they are doing something good for the community, when often in reality they are just robbing the people and selling information to keep other people down and repressed.

Philanthropic (charitable) giving is already set aside to help the poor and needy and community leaders are often like unelected politicians, though they do not run for office to get elected, their popularity plays an important role in public opinion, which allows them to operate openly and freely.  Fears within the community are very significant, because the main purpose of many non profits to include mine’s, is to find problems and then come up with solutions to these problems and seek financial help to put the solution into action.

But sometimes people who have things going in their favor tend to attempt to tarnish the names of other people who they see as a threat to their positions and see them as competition.  Often unethical community leaders will attempt to destroy other people, so that they become the sole candidates for Philanthropic (charitable) giving, so that they can control all the resources that comes into the community to solve problems that are apparent and needs attention. But the problem with this is that good leaders have good vision and can see things that not all people will see.  And therefore they can layout relevant agendas to solve community problems and build a better community.  And another problem with this is when you are doing community work, it should be about the results of building a better community and not your positioning in the community as a result of this progress.  “It should never be about you, it should be about the community.” Your reverence (admiration) is a byproduct of your work and not the product itself.

But many people in the community are often followers and not leaders and seek good leadership and they are often easily persuaded to show favoritism to a foolish builder, for no other reason than their acquaintance of them and their popularity and not because of the vision of the potential community leader. And these unscrupulous  pretenders, will resort to stealing ideas and present them as their own work, while discrediting the source they received the ideas from, only because they meant no good from the beginning and had selfish ends from the start. I tell you the truth when  I say, there are some evil people here in AvonPark, FL. who will smile in your face and backstab you at the same time.

Now I am here to tell you that there is a God who has all the power in his hands, who can not be fooled by fake smiles mixed with treachery.  My God is an all knowing God and his will prevail.  And I was sent here by God, whether you believe this or not.  People laughed at me down here, because of lies told on me in the media, not even knowing why the lies originated or ever talking to me about it.  And as a result false leaders here in Avon Park, FL tried to tarnish my name with the republication of falsehoods, because they fear me because my intent is righteous and theirs is evil. They do not want people to gravitate towards us, because if they do come to our support, they (the false leaders) might become obsolete or have to come under our umbrella and do right and not steal from the people and they want to remain head negroes in charge around here. They see me as their local competition, only because they have small minds, when I see our organization not as a local network, but with a nationwide movement with a nationwide agenda, our headquarters just happens to be here in Avon Park, FL. Where I currently live, but our goal is to reach far beyond HighlandsCounty.

My connections reach far beyond AvonPark. The people who are going to help me accomplish my mission in life sees Highlands County as a potential investment, so I plan to bring money to Highlands County and not suck up the money already here, like some of these false leaders. All to say that those who chose to pick me as an enemy, chose the wrong enemy, because if anything they only showed me they cannot not be trusted and therefore cannot hold custody to what I plan to bring here because I know they will steal from it, because they are unrighteous. Therefore they have to be replaced.  And there evil and dastardly deeds will come to a halt soon. And when things begin to happen here, they will be left out of the agenda to come to pass, because they mean no good to the people of HighlandsCounty they are supposed to be serving. They are mere pity thieves.  They

failed the test. They cannot be trusted.

I am not trying to put any particular person(s) in the spotlight.  But I know what is going on here in AvonPark is not one size fits all. So if the shoes fits, it because you are probably still wearing them.  My mother did not raise a fool, nor am I deranged.  In fact, I am one of the most forgiving people on the planet. I rarely hold grudges against anyone, but the problem with this is my friends who love me dearly and support me are not so forgiving. It is not me you will have to answer to. So the best bet is to leave me alone, because I do not bother you or interfere in your affairs. The problem with this is evil is arrogant.

Frank Paul Jones


Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty Immoral for Bashing Homosexuals?

Personally I never saw Duck Dynasty, in fact until recently I never heard of it. I am not into too many reality shows if any at all, actually I spend most of my TV time on CNN, watching the news. It was on the news that I heard about Phil Robertson bashing homosexuals and supporting his statements with biblical scriptures.

They said he paraphrased the bible and said from Corinthians: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

The scripture states in the NIV (1Corinthians 9-11)

“Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

So if you take the whole scripture in its proper context, it is not a homophobic statement at all. But it does not say homosexuality is not righteous behavior but is of sinful nature and people who practice these behaviors should repent and turn away from their sinful ways. Then Phil Robertson did the politically correct thing and apologized. He belongs to Hollywood and a lot of money is involved and so he kept his job and perhaps his life, but the statement was made for the world to hear and judge.

What baffles me is that today on CNN they debated on the decision by A&E to give him his job back. They went as far as to say A&E was morally wrong for ending his suspension. Basically they said it is immoral to question the morality of homosexual behavior, even if it is consistent with the bible. Therefore they are in fact saying that the bible is immoral or to believe in it. So I ask, what is this world coming to? And I will tell you!

I understand why they are passing laws to allow same sex marriage and they will eventually allow legalized prostitution, legal drugs and legal gambling throughout our land. And we already know thieves and the greedy rule the world, when half of the world’s wealth belongs to only 2% of our world’s population. But now they want to censor freedom of speech on these subjects and therefore force us all to condone things we are against based on our religious freedoms. What happened to the first amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993? People have the right to believe in a God of their understanding and to boast about it. And the bible is very popular in religion. And just because all of these things are going on and is becoming legal, does not mean these people will go to heaven or should Christians have to believe they will.

The bible is a powerful book, it is a book of oppression for many. It kept African slaves in check for many years, be it physical or mental bondage. A lot of us are still slaves and do not know it, because our bondage is mental, yet the barriers are not abstract but are concrete. But God works in mysterious ways and God is waking up many of his folk to the reality of knowing false Gods from the true God. False religions ruled the world for thousands of years, but now people are being forced to consider another viewpoint. And Satan is on his last limb and is trying to take as many people down with him as he can.

We are living in a times whereby good is evil and righteousness is bad. Whereby sinful nature is moral and Godliness is immoral. And people are not able to distinguish which is which anymore. We now look up the thieves and praise their wealth which was ill-gotten gains and want to be like them, instead of Godlike. Now everybody wants to be rich and powerful and there simply isn’t enough money to make us all billionaires. Therefore human life has become secondary to our selfish ends.

With all this going on, I honestly believe God is using the homosexual community to open the eyes of his true flock. How, because a true believer of God cannot and will not distinguish homosexuality from the rest of the people mentioned in 1 Co. 9-11. Though it is accepted behavior in our society it is not necessarily a ticket to the abstract heaven. So therefore the question of heaven becomes the topic. And when God flock realizes they are living in hell here on earth and stop living only to die for a promise no one ever came back and explained the experience, where there is no empirical data to support it and when they begin to be persecuted for even believing in such things to begin with, the world will become Godless. And the great tool of oppression which is false Gods will no longer have power and there will be anarchy. And this world will end as we know of it.

The questions they will begin to ask is, “does there have to be a God, simply because there is a Devil?” “Does there have to be good, simply because there is evil on earth?” “Do I have a choice or am I the mark of the beast?” Lawlessness will prevail. I am talking about God’s law will be nullified. This is spiritual anarchy. And it will be called good in the New World Order.

The Apostle Paul

Paul in Florida

Why marijuana should be legalized

I think anything you like too much can be or is psychologically addictive to include, food, video games, sex and so forth. And who said eating too much, playing violent video games or promiscuous sex are good things, because they are not. But these are other issues that should also be addressed.

Marijuana which is the issue at hand now and it has too many problems associated with it being illegal and that is my point. Such as the U.S. prison population, people with criminal records without just cause, our workforce is seriously effected because many young people especially cannot even get a job who use it due to a dirty urine and so forth.

Yes it has many medical uses, but so does the cocoa plant and poppy plant, yet they can also cause problems when abused, but it is something we need as medicine. And as a recreational drug I think it is much safer in many ways than alcohol which is legal or decriminalized in the United States. So why allow people to drink and wreck cars and have violent outrages and not smoke and be tranquil and/or artistic?

I just think it is a fallacy to say is not addictive in any way or form and people will not abuse it, because many already do, for one I did, though my original intentions was to use it as a sleep aid. The fact that people destroy their ability to earn a livelihood for a get high and this goes on everyday, is proof it is addictive or at least a problem causing drug, if only because it makes you feel good. Many people cannot get a job because they rather smoke weed to feel good and you know this to be true. And I do not think there is anything wrong with wanting to feel good, but self preservation is the first law of nature. And “if you don’t work you don’t eat” unless you are getting help from somewhere else.

It is for all of these reasons that I think it should be legalized and not because it is drug sent down from heaven by God to solve all of our problems. There are simply too many cons to the continuation of prohibition. I think prohibition is destroying our youth today and therefore the future of our nation and it must end. But not because marijuana is without any problems, because that is a lie. But because the war on marijuana was lost and people are not going to stop using it. So now we need to learn how to distribute it legally, regulate it intelligently and create a system to help those who will and do already abuse it. And tax revenues is the only solution to this and it must first be legalized to be taxed. It would generate a profit for our nation of about $10 Billion instead of a $20 billion deficit each year.

 Paul in Florida

I am Black – I am Cursed

I guess it all begun when I was born, because I was born a potential threat to white society. My people have a history in America that was never forgotten and my people are never forgiving for the mistreatment we endured in America for centuries. The African American came here as slaves. From the beginning white society had no plans of giving us an equal opportunity for life liberty and pursuit of happiness. For most of us, all that is offered is perpetual oppression.

I have grown to become more bitter with age. I was told I do not like Jews, because I do not believe those people in the middle east are actually true Jews. But the fact of the matter is I do not dislike them at all, because many of them are well educated and are doing good for themselves here on earth. If anything I want to be like them. I want to be among a nation of people who are doctors, lawyers and bankers. I want to have a cousin that is a corporate executive, but instead I am among a community of people who are thugs, high school dropouts and petty criminals poisoning each other with drugs, with a crab mentality. Instead I live within a community of people who commit black on black crimes for no other reason than ignorance.

If I do not like so-called Jews it is out of jealousy. See I believe the black man in America is the true Jew and because of our disobedience to God, we are catching all types of hell here on earth. I still remember hearing followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, tell me that the black man was God and we are God’s chosen people. This was the beginning of my travels in search of the truth. While they say those people in the middle east are Jews, the bible describe Jesus as a black man. So I cannot understand how the King of the Jews was black, but his flock turned out to be white. I just does not resonate with me. Then I am told they were disobedient to God, yet they rule the world? Yet the bible teaches you not to spare the rod. Is this to say God himself is a hypocrite? Since when does God reward disobedience? I do not believe they got what they have for being God’s disobedient chosen flock. But perhaps for selling us a bible they themselves do not believe in. They may be the architects of this world to rule over it.

So if I do not like so-called Jews because I do not believe they are the true Jews, in the eyes of Christians, then it is proper to say they (Christians) do not like me, because they think I am no more than a nigger without biblical significance. Yes I am jealous that I get nothing as far as respect as a people for who I am or monetary gain for who I am not, but the so-called Jews get to be God’s chosen people and rule over the world that is supposed to be ruled by Satan. I do not think it is far that they get to have their cake and eat it to and I cannot even get a decent school in my community. I cannot even feel safe in my home at night, because of the random gunfire. I cannot walk the streets during the day without seeing someone looking for drugs to buy and use. I do not hate so-called Jews, I hate black people for being so damn ignorant.

To be honest I use to hate white people when Io was younger, but no more do I feel this way. I hated white people for paving the streets we walk on. The streets consist of jails institutions and death. But I realized though they paved these streets, we as a people chose to walk on it, instead of paving our on interstate highway. I guess we are just too damn lazy to get up and build our own walk of life. It is sad that we cannot do for self, but was able to do for the white man for centuries. I guess just because you made a good servant of man, doesn’t mean you can be a good independent individual for God, especially if as a people who have been brainwashed, to not even know our biblical significance. And not even understanding why we are catch so much hell, while praising the next man, who is in our place.

I tell you the truth self hatred is a curse. I know I am cursed because of not only who I am, but how I feel about who I am. Sometimes I think black pride is an oxymoron. I mean what is there about blackness to be proud about in the contemporary world? I guess I am just lost in the ghetto and have been blind by constant oppression, I guess I am simply tired of being black. Because being black in America was and is a constant uphill battle and a never ending struggle. I guess for this reason many black people often choose to be Christians, settling for the pie in the sky in exchange for a little serenity while on earth. Because we all know a promise for a better tomorrow will give you the strength to endure through today. And after years of trying to make it on earth and never gaining anything, many people simply surrender to materialism and give up on this life for the afterlife.

But harboring the truth, will only make a person even more bitter. Once a wise man said “everything is meaningless.” He was talking about material things? I tell you the truth, the truth is meaningless unless you enjoy being lonely. In a society of lost souls, there simply isn’t enough people to share the truth with. The truth is I am black – I am cursed. And my only option is to try to build a better community, because I have nowhere go and nobody outside my community really wants me, unless I sellout my own people. Because they know we are an ignorant nation of people, meant to feed off of like cattle.

The Apostle Paul


America Needs God Back in our Decision Making

I remember back in my childhood, when there was an illusion (thought) that America was a Christian society.  Back then people believed that our government was a Christian government and not a manager capital ideals.  This was before the term Illuminati reached the Internet and became household conversation and when there was a lot of mysticism surrounding secret orders such as the Freemasons.  Now that I am older and wiser , I realize that this was never true, but the belief of these principles, had a positive effect on American society.


Our opinions about government decision making  back then was based on righteousness verse evil.  We as a people made our decisions based on our belief codes in Godliness.  Regardless as to whether  we were democrat or republican, we based our decisions on how we felt about our true understanding of God.  But through an evolutionary process, whereby we learned more about the true nature of politics, somehow the American people ourselves have become politicians and not a God fearing constituency.  We no longer try to satisfy God in our decisions, but we vote based on our party affiliations.  We no longer for based our decisions on good verses evil, but on democrat verse republican. And because of this morality has become lost within our nation.


Even as the American people have grown wiser about world affairs, the heads of government still controlled us with an iron fist, by using our newly gained knowledge against us. In the old days back in the 1960′s often the government did unethical things without the American people being aware of it and it was said to have been done for the good of the nation as a whole. Today still the government does unethical things, said for the same reason “the good of our nation” but they do it right in front of us, without any consequences.  Why?  Because America has swayed away from Godliness.  We have become partners in partisan politics.  Forgetting there is God fearing people in the democratic, republican and independent parties, we go against each other for the sake of our party affiliations, while forgetting God in the process.


For this reason the power of the people has been almost destroyed, because among the people there  is no consensus (agreement or harmony) among the people. Instead of a unified voice for what is right by God which is innate within man, we have all gotten outside of ourselves based on issues of personal preferences.  We no longer fight for what is right, but for what is good for us as an individual.


They now have the whole country divided over Obamacare and other partisan politics, while they have been caught red-handed spying on every American and the world, stealing our privacy without just cause. But nobody in the media is making a real issue of this, there are no riots or uprisings to voice against these practices, because we have become submissive to corruption. Like never before the disparity between the wealthiest and the poorest Americans has grown, whereby only 2% of the American population actually controls our finances. Meanwhile we are fighting over Obamacare and food stamps and even this is an uphill battle for poor America. We have fallen so far behind that we have to even fight for the right of healthcare and a damn job. And the reason for this is that we the American people have become political animals, less than pawns on the chessboard that was designed for the rich.


Whereby when I was a child almost all senators and house representatives in the Congress were rich, so it seemed, now they use ambitious Harvard and Yale School educated graduates  to control the masses. These politicians are not in the bloodlines money, but are controlled by lobbyist, who control the money.  Making many of them mere educated sellouts.


We in America now know that it takes money to gain political positions, while there is a disparity between the rich and the poor beyond reasonable calculations, yet we still play these political games not knowing we can never win, which is partisan politics based on party affiliations.  Why? Is it because we have evolved beyond Holy Scripture and having faith in God?  Are we in fact ungodly ourselves and not simply the victims of an ungodly system capitalism?  I hope not, because if this is the fact of the matter, we are in a position that is hopeless. Because why should God save the ungodly from the ungodly?


If people were driven by our innate Gods fearing hearts, the will of God would rule. But somewhere down this line of newly found political awareness, we forgotten all about God and have become less than pawns in a political game designed for the rich. And we are always forgetting there is God in all people regardless of their political affiliation and the enemy is politics itself.  When democrats learn to love republicans and republicans learn to love democrats and recognize there is God in  us all, the will of the people will become the will of God and God’s spirit will become the law of the land.


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano


What is a True Leader based on the Bible Scripture?

I came across an interesting article posted by a man named Doug Rice. I think it contains excellent lessons on what are the characteristics of a good leader. I think it is a guide for people who want to lead groups and is equally important as a reference for people to decide on who they want to follow behind or what kind of person they want to support.

To read the whole article click the hyperlink below:

The Twelve Most Inspiring Leadership Lessons from Bible Characters:

1. Noah: Leaders do what’s right even if they are alone. Literally the whole world was doing what was wrong. But did that deter Noah from doing what was right? Not a chance!

2. Abraham: Leaders embrace the unknown. Great leaders embrace that uncertainty, because they know the truth: the promised land awaits them on the other side.

3. Joseph: Leaders endure in spite of circumstances. Leaders have a vision that sustains them through difficult times.

4. Moses: Leaders stick up for their people. God has to be very convincing in order to get Moses to take action in Exodus, but when the time came, Moses was willing to step up and lead.

5. Joshua: Leaders rule by example rather than command. He doesn’t have to threaten them; he merely inspires them by his example.

6. David: Leaders are not afraid of giants. In other words, you can face any challenge as long as you have conviction and strength of resolve on your side.

7. Isaiah: Leaders rise to the occasion. Leaders shun inaction and are always ready to take the plunge at a moment’s notice.

8. Daniel: Leaders maintain their resolve without regard for consequences. Daniel’s faith in his God is what made him great in first place. Knowing this, he would not recant regardless of what happened to him. Great leaders follow this example and maintain steadfast in their convictions regardless of what happens.

9. John the Baptist: Leaders aren’t afraid to call out the phonies. Leaders aren’t afraid to call it like it is. Whether they are suppliers, employees, or even customers, leaders have what it takes to be brutally honest with the people they come in contact with.

10. Jesus: Leaders are servants. Great leaders focus on serving those who follow them. Great leaders wash their people’s feet.

11. Peter: Leaders recover from failure. Leaders don’t become discouraged when they fail. They don’t wallow in self-pity and give up due to the mishap. They pick themselves back up and continue on. Leaders do better next time.

12. Paul: Leaders are passionate for what they believe in. Leaders have a fire lit under them and feel compelled to accomplish their objectives. There is no place for apathy in the life of a leader. Leaders always care…and care deeply.

Frank Paul Jones

Paul in limo

Maybe America‘s Default will be a Test for God‘s Flock


A veteran made a comment on CNN iReporter about my article “The Government Stalemate Calls for a Congressional Investigation.”  She said she depends on the government as an old disabled veteran basically for everything and if her check does not come on the 1st of the month, it might be all over for her.  If I understood her correctly, she might even consider taking her own life in an attempt to help other veterans to make the government take notice to what they are doing to disabled veterans and people alike.


My response was, “Many of us depend on the government today and for many reasons, from the lack of jobs to disabilities to old age or just being simply poor. In fact many countries depend on America, for economic stability and national security among other things. But we as Americans and especially the veterans sector must be resilient and tough it out. If they default on the our debts, we all will be faced with tough economic times according to economists.  But remember it all belongs to God anyway. We cannot give up our lives over material things. It all belongs to God.”  So if we have to give it all back, so be it.


This brought to my attention the reality and state of America and Americans.  Many of us are now fragile and is looking for an excuse to end our lives, due to our constant struggles to survive in these tough economic times. If it is not one thing it is another. And many Americans are simply tired. The great depression stock market crash of 1929, which caused the largest financial crisis of the 20th century, led to many once wealthy men to committing suicide. I  heard stories of how once rich people jumped out off of tall buildings.  And from what economists are saying, that might be a drop in the bucket, if America defaults on her debts.  And the problems could quickly escalate globally.


I was taught by my uncle that the first law of nature is self preservation.  It is against the nature of humankind, to not have the will to live. Things can take this away innate principle from someone. Often terminal illnesses will do this to a man.  Some of us simply get tired of the pain and suffering of a slow death due to illness and give up on life and as a result die sooner than  we would have, had we held on longer.  But there are other forms of suffering other than the physical pain.  Many of us suffer mental anguish.  But often the cause of the  mental anguish type of suffering is that it is due to unrealistic expectations, idealism or being misunderstood.  We simply expect something that is not delivered and as a result we have a nervous breakdown.  The occurrence of a nervous breakdown is real.  Even if the cause of it is not, to people looking in from the outside.


Read this carefully:  Often the culprit of our mental illness is Godlessness or our strong faith in God. Now this is not to say that people who have mental problems are Godless or divinely righteous either, but that often the problem perpetuates, because we do not put God’s word first in our lives or believe that God has a mission for us nobody else understands. And I am talking from experience, because I had a nervous breakdown according to man and still have problems until this day, due to what doctors describe as unrealistic expectations and idealistic beliefs; because of what preoccupied my mind and my seemingly innate desires that I now believe were placed there for reason unknown to me, I am still unable to determine what is my true reality according to my doctors in psychiatry. As I believe one thing, they say documented proof lead them to believe another. However, I remember what I remember.  The truth is for God to decide!


But today, I have a better grip on myself.  I am  not going to do anything extraordinary to prove my point anymore. However this was not always the case.  There was a time when I was willing to die in the process of proving what I believed to be true and that was ungodly. Which means my self preservation was out of whack. And for this reason I have empathy and understand what could happen to many Americans as a result of America defaulting on her debts.


Many people have expectations and have become accustomed to a certain quality of life here in America.  And many people are not grounded in the Word of God. Sure most people say they believe in God, but truly believe in the Government.  They do not believe that God will provide for them, but that it is the government’s job to provide for them. And if the government lets them down, they will give up on life, because the government is truly their god or should I say materialistic things that the government provides to them is their god ( I write in a small {g} intentionally).  Because this is not the true God they believe in.


So this letter is meant for those who are truly a part of the flock of God.  We who are truly God’s children, know in our hearts that God will provide for us, one way or another. Sure if the government defaults there will be anarchy. Hell Wal-Mart will probably have to shout down, because people will steal everything in their path, shop lifting will go off of the roof and be worst than it is now.  People with small businesses will be in harms way, especially in poor communities. It will be terrible, but we mustn’t give up on God, because in the midst of all this chaos God will provide for us, even if it only one meal a day without water and lights, he will provide for us.  We will and must survive.  Do not give up in the worst case scenario.  Keep the faith!


Frank Paul Jones


Paul in limo

Charities Help’s Save God’s Flock By Attraction


“Building a better community.”

We always hear about missionaries talking about going out to save the world and we also hear about preachers saving their congregation, but nothing is further from the truth.  No man can save another man’s soul.  Only our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has such authority.  See disciples, missionaries, evangelist, preachers, charities and whatever name a person of God comes in, can only attract someone to the Lord.  It is the duty of the God fearing to attract others to God, by doing God’s work.  And God’s work is the serve and glorify the Lord.


When people serve God in righteousness, they shine and they become a guiding light to the true enlightener who is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whom all power is vested in.  All a person can do is shine and glorify the Lord, this is the duty of a man of God, it is to glorify the Lord and be a helper to others.  It is not our duty to save anyone, because through our faith in the Lord we may be saved.  I say again “may be saved,” because there is no sure ticket to the home of our heavenly Father, but through faith.  You may be saved if you truly have faith in the Lord and in the name of faith you will glorify the Lord and do community work as much as you humanly possibly can. Because in this body we do have limitations and that is why we must be born again in Christ, to elevate above the temporal world.


I tell you the truth, no man can con his way into the kingdom of God.  Sure you can do your song and dance routine in front of a congregation, claiming you are praising the Lord, but your actions speaks louder than your words.  Any man who claims he is saved and do not love his neighbor is a liar and a liar is the Son of Satan.  Any man who claims he is a Jew and is not truly a Jew is a part the synagogue of Satan.  For a liar is the Son of Satan.


Believe this, many people will say by faith they are saved and use this as a excuse not to do God’s work and do not glorify God in their everyday living, by not loving their neighbors and not loving the true and living Lord, but how can this be?  How can you have trust in someone as the most powerful entity in existence and do not glorify and serve him? How can you be of God and fear the evil one (Satan)?  Anyone who is truly one in God, will attempt to be Godlike as in Son’s of God.  One must ask in their everyday decisions, what would Jesus do (WWJD)?  Sure, we all have limitations, but we are within the boundaries of loving our neighbors are we not?


You know what bothers me sometimes, it bothers me how so many truly God fearing people are taken advantage of, they pay their tithes to there congregational leader, but none of their money goes to God.  Understand that God is love and love is charity.  A man can only love another man through his charitable acts of human kindness, because all talk and no action comes cheap and the Lord is an abundance of love.  To love your neighbor is to do community work or to be in support of it at the least.  I believe and correct me if I am wrong, but tithes are meant to support the church and it clergy, but understand the true church is the body of Christ.  And we are but one body though many parts and an important portion of that body is those who are on the front line loving their neighbors through true acts of love, which is charity.  A community with weak support for its charities, is not a community that shines before God.  And a black community that does not support its own black charities is a community that is veiled by the blinds of darkness and will not elevate to glorify God.  Because God is among those who love their neighbors and love is not an emotion as much as it is an action word.  For God loves us through his actions.  Love is demonstrated through acts of kindness, do not confuse love with Hollywood lust!  Where there are an abundance of churches, there should be an abundance of charitable work being supported or the churches of that community are in fact a fraud.


I want to tell you something.  Love in the absence of respect by man is null and void.  It is unacceptable and empty.  To say you love someone that you cannot and will not respect as man is pure foolishness and folly.  How can you love someone you do not value enough to deserve your love?  See we cannot look down to our fellow man, who is shooting bad and say we love our neighbors as we love ourselves, unless we exclude certain people from being our fellow citizens based on economics and character, whereby its our own character that is now at question here.  And if you feel this way, why pay your taxes?  If you feel this way, why do you pay your tithes?  Is it our of fear that you give to Obama what is Obama’s, is it fear that compels you to put money in the money tray at Church, so that you do not stand out among your peers?  Or is it a true act of kindness?  Or on the other hand, is it because you know that none of it will go to help those in need anyway?  But the Church is the body of Christ, which is supposed to be inclusive to the poor and needy, to include “the least of me.”


I do not suggest that congregations simply redirect their funds in a way to ignore their own agenda.  What I do suggest is congregations insure that their agenda is in oneness with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savor.  To go to church is not about separatism. It is about inclusion.  When a man in need walks into your church in need of support, the congregation should not belittle him, because he is small and humble and think they are bigger than him.  I say this because you know it goes on in the black churches.  A man fresh off of drugs comes to you and humbles himself, only to be belittled by the congregation and in whose name is this being done in?  Certainly not our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


All I can say is you do not want him among you, help those who are willing to help him, so when he comes to you he is better prepared to fit into your flock.  I say again, you cannot love anyone who you refuse to respect as a man.  Too often people mistake love for possession.   We mistake our diabolical conception of ownership with love.  We say we love someone, when in reality we only want to rule over him, to tell him what to do and how to live.  But even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gives you a choice. He doesn’t tell you how you must act and be a certain way, he just tells us this is what you must do, if you want to be with me.  You do not get love and possession twisted.


Love your neighbor as yourself and treat your neighbors how you would like for them to treat you.  Understand that love for your neighbor is only an extension of your love for self and your brother.  Because if you do not love your own family, how can you possibly love your neighbor also?   And love is charity, it is an action word, so be kind in your everyday life and love and respect your fellow man and God will love you.  But first you must love yourself.  Be a shining light and do community work or support it and give selflessly to help your neighbor.


Support your community charities and support the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC., simply referred to as the NCNCHINC. Our mission is, “building a better community.”


Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman


Visit our website and contribute:


Paul in limo

The Making of a True Mafia Dom

I tell you the truth when I say this, the Dom is the Son of Man and therefore he is the Word of God, the true Dom that is. On his day all accounts will be settled and all debts will be paid in full. And there can be no preconceived notions concerning him. For the true mission of the Mafia since the 1960′s was the fulfillment of Bible prophesy and what people see happening today before them in these last days is our works.

The family is his true companion. They are faithful to him and understand without confusion that being faithful in a spiritual sense of the word, means to be loyal. People think if a woman is monogamist, this means she is faithful and this is not true. Hell if push comes to shove, she might have to sell herself, so how is faithful being monogamist?  Sometimes you have to sleep with the enemy to gain their trust.  A woman is faithful only if she is loyal to her companion or her man. And a real mafia Dom knows that sex is overrated, because it is not about honey it is about currency and with currency comes control and sex if needed and not the other way around.

A Mafia Dom does not love with his emotions, because he knows this is usually infatuation. He loves through his actions, because love is an action word. Because what you feel becomes felt and that can change, but what you did becomes what was you have done and that cannot change and love is everlasting and not in the moment. Understand that infatuation can cloud one’s good judgment and make a fool out of you, because it is a feeling and true love is not a feeling, it not an emotion it is an action.

A Mafia Dom has to learn to love his flock, because they depend on him. Therefore he must be dependable and do what is right for the whole body. He cannot allow relationships and especially sexual relationships to get between him and his made men, because this can be a fatal error and cause the him his demise due to jealousy. Always his family must come first and any woman who becomes his companion must accept this subservient position of existence, time and space. Her duty is the serve the King and not the other way around and for that she will be rewarded. Because a Mafia Dom is an institution even greater than the President of the United States of America. He rules the world and is over every prestigious institution on earth and beyond, to include the Illuminati. He is the Son of God! His men knows this in their hearts, minds and as one spirit they are united and he is at the head of them.

When it comes to a Mafia Dom their can be no God before him, their can be no mediator other than him. A true made man does not pray to another God, but has faith in the Dom, whom he lives for to serve his family in Christ. The Mafia is not into fantasy dreams and false religions, because we are above the law and not below it, for in Christ is reality. We are the enlightened and not those who dwindle into darkness having faith in something we do not understand and always searching and never finding light. We are of understanding and true love is in our community works and acts of brotherly love.

I tell you the truth, the making of a Dom can be a lonely path until the day of the Lord. But he knows that all of his lonely days will seem like one day in heaven and his time on top of the world will seem like eternity. Because the Dom lives for his day and everyday alone is a day of rehearsal. He practices his crafts and learns from his each and every experience that he may be a just leader and wise teacher of righteousness. And he knows the masses have been brainwashed to think he is evil, in a world whereby good is evil and evil is good. He know the masses have been brainwashed to believe in the Bible and not in the Son of Man. As the foolish masses say “I believe every word in the Bible.” Whereby even the Bible teaches you not to believe everything you read. He knows he will lead a land of lost souls and not everyone will make it in his kingdom. Because it can be lonely on top and lonely in the light among darkness He knows we did what we had to do to overcome the evil ones, for the means will justify the end. For it was by his instructions that led us and he is without sin. Do you understand what I just said?

This is a letter to my true brothers in Christ, I am talking about the loyal few that are still waiting for the big day to come. Know that the time is soon and know he will return to New York City to begin our final preparations in these last day. I love you all as one in myself, the time is close and getting closer with acceleration each and every day.

Keep the faith.

The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano


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