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The Black Pope the Final Deception

This letter I write from personal experience.  Everyone must tailor their lives based on something be it reality or visions, be it from personal experience or from the insight one someone else’s experiences.  I write this one from personal experience as I do not accept the common idea of what is considered reality.  I consider myself a visionary.  Personally, I believe the world is one great delusion and the only true reality is God.  And the question of law is that is there a God.  The reason this should be questioned at the highest court the Supreme Court is because before one testifies in the court of law,  one swears in the name of God on Bible, yet the spirit of God cannot be a factual a basis for the actions of that same person, because the Law of man is agnostic. 

We are often told to be fact based in the name of God, which in fact is an oxymoron of a sort. So I hold that the world is a great delusion for there is no truth in its creation theory.  People will say he is talking foolishness, for the 5 senses prove reality, but is that so?  For is there a sense of Spirit?  As we are told God is a spirit.  Therefore in the court of law God does not truly exist, for you are not judged by man based on spiritual but based on the 5 senses which is considered empirical.

Can one plead not guilty in the name of Demon possession?  Sure, but can one win based on this reality, no of course not, because spirit is not reality in the court of man.  Man has the right to practice a religion that is within the boundaries of the law of man, but not base the spirit of God, unless he is above the law.

Which poses a question, who is the So-called Pope?  Is he the Holy Father over the Son of Man?  Or is he an adversary of the Son of Man and therefore perhaps the anti-Christ?  I am here to say, he is the symbol of an unjust ruler ship and is a figurehead and no more.  So I say the So-Pope is not the Holy Father and President Obama was forced to commit blasphemy, when he stated that the pope, “your Holiness” in a phrase.  So now I ask is the President of the United States also a mere figurehead or just says whatever is necessary to meet a need?  Because there is no God in government, yet he will be forgiven?  Good job Mr. President.

As we all know we are living in the last days, for the promise is mere 70 years and the Son of Man is alive and here on earth today.  If you can comprehend this, we all can understand that Satan’s time is up.  So we have a black president, should we next have a black so-called pope?  For the Son of Man will destroy the kingdom of Satan and bring everyone to their knees, for every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess, in every language known to mankind, that the Son of Man is the Lord and not this so-called pope.  The so-called pope is not of God.

Now my greatest concern now is the last deception of the Satan’s rein, is the placement of a black pope, which will be the deception of all deceptions, causing blind oppressed Negroes to accept and join the Roman Catholic Church of Satan over the Son of Man, while Satan’s many true followers go into hiding.  For they know their time is up.  While the world says we are living in the last days, they will say he this man is the anti-Christ and not another mere symbol sent from the Illuminati.  All I have to say is those who know the lord be not fooled by these manipulations.  You cannot serve two Gods.



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Never since Michael Jackson released the Thriller video, has someone as mainstream as Nicki Minaj or Michael release anything so demonically disturbing.  This was performed on mainstream media and on primetime.  For a person who is not credited for much of her song writing, I must say the performance was very expressive and allusive, making many allegorical statements.


The performance was very script and they have us all creased, to be submerged and obsessed by something that is subliminal.   As the Roman Catholic Church questions is Nicki Minaj possessed by Satan, she gave them power and the last word. 


Unlike Michael the Jehovah’s Witness  led him to denounce the idea of his following Satanism, as to say it was all in fun.  As it is still played on Halloween vigorously.  And Michael’s demise may have answered many questions about his influences on mankind.  How this plays out is the question.  The drama just begun!


Apostle Paul



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