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200px-cd_autolev_crop1A Distribution Network waiting for Marching Orders


One of the huge elements of the underground economy is movie and music piracy.  You have a lot of street venders who have established businesses and major distributors who supply them.  I think they are an army waiting for marching orders and can make it possible for independent artist like Janet Jackson, Prince and the Time band to get there music directly to the consumers.  These entrepreneurs are already moving million upon millions of illegal media.  With the CD duplication technology out there independent artist could license these distributors who have the line of street distribution to put there music in the hands of the consumers legally.  All they have to do is give the distributor a license and a master album and it is all on and sell as many if not more CD’s than the major labels sell in stores and certainly more than what the independent distributors sell in stores with lower mark ups, at lower prices for at least an equal profit margin.  I am just brainstorming.  But if enough independent artist team up and do this the merchandise would be diverse, well received and an exciting movement to the streets and an opportunity for many to do what they are already doing but legally. Independent artist should bypass the record stores and take it to the streets directly that should be the marketing strategy of 2009-10 and the future. 


The End

What do you think?



Next on the Agenda


The entry of Mars into your sign on your birthday will encourage you to take more chances in life. Too often in the past you have allowed opportunities to pass you by because you did not want to risk failure. Now you will risk everything – and succeed outrageously.

Your money situation is a lot rosier than you have been led to believe – or have allowed yourself to believe – so stop worrying and start planning your next big spree. The Sun’s change of signs at the end of the week will help you to “think rich – and be rich.

I am about the begin to take minor risks basically I am the equipment man and I plan to use people who has been overlooked and give them an opportunity to do things that they  have the ability to do if they had the proper equipment.  I am sort of like springing out and creating activities outside what I do on my own in order to accelerate actions.  My first move is to hire a songwriter and screenwriter.  With the understanding that I do not own them behind these smell investments and they have the liberty to do things for themselves outside of the projects I will assign them.  But my projects must have the priorities.


I could use one more spending sprees not for fun but to complete an investment, aside from the above actions I am about or in the process of building another music studio.  I have the resources to build this studio but until I receive another income, I feel it would be reckless spending.  I am at the borderline of being financial responsible.  These guys seem to be an army and a movement ready to go at it and deserve to be invested in.  I asked my sister did she want to be my partner code for taking some of the financial commitments away from me.  See I need people who I can depend on to help pay for us to play and I can put those men into the game in a week or two.  Yes I have the line of credit, but I do not have the income to go all out and invest in these artists.  I guess that is the meaning of risk.  A risk I am not totally ready to take until I get return on what I did already.  My projection is these guys might not give me any return for about 6 months at a minimum if done right with proper preparation, the good thing is they have been at this for some time now, they just need the equipment.  There is a legitimate reason why they cannot invest in themselves now and it has everything to do with where they were when they learned there skills and became committed to the movement.  Yes this is a movement that I am debating on investing in and contracts might have to be drawn up.  These men deserve a break they are basically fresh out of prison, talented and committed to doing it right this time.  I wonder if I am being selfish and am I letting them down.  All they are asking for is a quality home studio to work out of.  Or are you’ll being selfish by holding on to me income?



imag01191Things are moving along smoothly


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 28 February 2009


You may be hard-headed in some ways but in others you are a bit of a softie and you won’t be able to turn away people who need your assistance. Don’t take on so many lost causes though that you no longer have time for your own needs and desires.

You may be tempted to cross the street to avoid certain people, and you may have very good reasons for doing so, but you must overcome that urge and open a dialogue with them over the next 48 hours. Sooner or later you’ve got to talk. Make it sooner.

I stayed up until about 3:30 am last night; I woke up on the computer about 5:30 am and never responded to this message. I feel out, so I went to bed. Sorry about that, but I was working on a song that I will finally be able to audition on the monitor speakers and stereo.  I only heard it on the headphones because it was so late and my apartment is not soundproof.  So you have to tell me what are lost causes?  I know of very few of them and in-between, most people are just misunderstood.  We are probably talking about two different groups anyway.  So I will leave that remark alone.


But again we are going in two different directions because probably who I might not want to deal with are the few and in-between people, so again I will leave it alone.  I like the song I hope Janet, the Time and Michael use some of them, songs I plan for them to be used, I try not to mention too much about them or post them on the web, because we have three albums about to be released, hopefully a few of mine’s will get picked up they would make good songs, they are good songs even as I perform them so imagine what we will have with professional vocals, production and instrumentation.


I upgraded to Movie Magic Screenwriter 6, for finish out my screen, I also plan to try my hand on a few spoofs and commercials.  I will be busy the next TWO months; I just want my credits for my part of the projects and my check in the mail for a change.  To be honest I enjoy doing this stuff, but I have been there and done this as a ghost to no credit until this day.  I just ask that they do right by me this time for my ideas and actual work and if they listen to me they will blow up again for certain.  If nothing else I am a source to new ideas and innovations.


I think my sister hooked me up for m birthday, we will wait and see if she asks for it back, I just do not have anything I need to buy now, but we never know what the future holds.

janet-rock-wit-chu-poster1Janet’s Busy Wow Schedule is ahead


Not only is Janet Jackson about to release a new album and hopefully land a starring role in the sequel to “Why did we get married,” but also to her credit she is said to have recorded a duet with her brother Michael Jackson to be released on his new album this summer the track is called “They keep talking,: which sounds like the sequel to “Scream.”  Which will require a high budget video to accommodate the two mega stars?


Then there is Jam and Lewis and the Flyte Tyme Production team not to ignore Morris Day the leader of the band and lead singer.  There is a huge possibility that a commercial will come out of the Black Doll and Flyte Tyme Productions camp sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks.  A humorous spoof about how Morris Day’s Sexual Prowess and Monster Energy Drinks are synonymous and Janet happens to be the fine girl he pursues at the night club, all in fun only the way the Time Band can represent.  Not meant to offend and done tastefully, as Morris made Stacy Adams the style of the 80’s the Time is betting on Monster over Red Bull in a battle similar to Pepsi and Coke.  The competition will only increase market share for both companies as Hip Hop and R&B, Pop Artist take their sides.  Just the break we need from Beer commercials. 

A New Marketing Strategy


time-bandJanet Jackson & the Time Band World Tour


We all know Janet is pure magic and can put on a great show.  She is currently working with Jam and Lewis of Flyte Tyme Productions on new album, what everyone may have let slip by is the fabulous Time Band with lead singer Morris Day is working on something concurrently.  It is possible the two albums might drop about the same time and it is a huge possibility that the Time Band will be added to the Janet World Tour ticket as the other act and an added attraction.


Also with Ticket-Master merged with Live Nation who is a huge distributor of concert tickets, it is a possibility that the albums will be sold as an add on to ticket purchases through Ticket-Master, meaning for the same basic price of a concert ticket to see Janet and the Time Band featuring Morris Day, you will also get a copy of the newly released album in the mail with your purchase.  This is a new marketing strategy being introduced by Black Doll and Live Nation the Monster of musical entertainment.  So not only will you get to see Janet and the Time up close and personal, but you will get to hear them for the price of your concert tickets.  Oh, sure the albums will be available at record stores in you local location, but if you plan to go to the show, this is great package deal.


Details have not been iron out yet; the idea is in the embryonic stage, but realistically a foreseeable future business venture for Black Doll, Flyte Tyme and the Live Nation umbrella.  It would increase record sales, promote the tour and add much more interest to the whole shebang.  The East Coast canceled stops may be rescheduled with the newly ensemble.  Pure excitement!


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