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Michael JacksonFrank Paul Jones as a solider

The Truth About Paul Castellano and Michael J. Jackson

I am about to reveal some truths never revealed before, to prepare my flock for what is to come soon. My flock expands throughout the land from New York City to Los Angeles, California and beyond these boundaries. And you will understand how Michael J. Jackson and the Jackson family played an intricate role in what has come to pass.

When I was 16 years old, I was worth $20 million. Dom Carlo Gambino left this for me, but I didn’t cash in, instead I started doing covert operations for the military at age 17. This article is not about my military service, but at age 30 after my service to country, I was worth $500 million and did not cash in again and this is where Michael Jackson fits in.

Half of his estate belongs to me. The question now is did he get killed or faked his death? But understand the truth being revealed is that I didn’t cash in, so though I raised hell with Michael J. Jackson, John J. Gotti and President George H.W. Bush with threats of killing people about this non payment of this money, it was all a front, because I chose not to get paid to finish my mission and I felt if I was rich and those who I came to save were poor, they would not receive me well. It was imperative and still is that my people love and respect me on my day or I will have gain nothing. Therefore I or my associates and friends had no reason to harm Michael J. Jackson, because he was loyal for not paying me. And his death put his estate back into the green, so I still wonder about him. His dying was good for business, especially if it was faked like John J. Gotti’s death.

Also I want to clarify something, when I went to California and got arrested and convicted and Janet Jackson turned me in to the FEDS, it was because she was supposed to do this, it was a covert operation that came down from the White House and the Bush Administration. I went there to organized the Crips. What the White House had to do with this? When I threatened President Bush, I was sent to Saint Elizabeth Hospital for 16 days, at which time I was briefed by the Secret Service on Crips and Bloods operations in California, but at the time the government didn’t know much about them, as I found out by them. So even Janet Jackson was loyal and did what she was programmed to do, I wasn’t the only one put under hypnosis in July 1989.

After Michael died in 2009 my court records got released yet they were sealed. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I probably was against the law. A lot o personal information got released and I was made out to seem more crazier than I was already depicted as. They called me a stalker and everything else again. This is because I and the FBI was always at odds. I always had good connections with the Secret Service, CIA and DOD, but was never in bed with the FBI, who has been investigating me since the John J. Gotti trial and probably before then. But though the FBI put me under legal scrutiny they couldn’t do much to me, because of the Secret Service, CIA and DOD. It wasn’t until recently that I clarified things with the FBI director Robert Mueller, who thought he could put me away last year. He has since been replaced by James B. Comey on September 4th, 2013. Hopefully now my problems with the FBI are solved. FBI director Robert Mueller arrived just before 9/11 and for this reason he should have praised me, because we prevented a nuclear holocaust in New York City.

To think I had a beef with Michael J. Jackson was to bark up the wrong tree due to misinformation. This is why when they (The FBI) told Michael J. Jackson about my threats against him, he was not alarmed at all and did not pressed charges against me, only to make them go after him harder in an attempt to screw me as well, because my money was tied up in his estate. So to take him down would also have hurt me.

I know a lot of Michael J. Jackson’s fans think ill of me, but they seemed to not give Michael enough credit for handling his own affairs. They wanted to protect Michael from me and people like me, who they depicted as a nut case, yet Michael himself had no problems with me or ever voiced discontent concerning me. This is because they bought in on the idea that Michael was a little boy in a man’s body and not a very intelligent business man, who took care of business well. If I was crazy and a stalker and a threat to Michael, don’t you know he would have had the key thrown any on me? The FBI gave him the opportunity.

Now there were record companies who had problems with Michael and he voiced discontent about them and people like Tommy Motolla. Michael was taking ownership of a Beatles and other catalogs worth a lot of money, but the FBI didn’t seem to take that lead into consideration and you have to ask why. Why they went through all that trouble to investigate me, someone who is supposed to be crazy but was of no concern of Michael J. Jackson, yet he himself told the world his life was in jeopardy because of his business dealings, but the FBI didn’t take the lead on this? He never said he felt threatened by me, he said he felt threatened by Tommy Motolla, he said he felt threatened because of those copyrights he owned and was taking ownership of, which is half mines, so why would I want to hurt him? Michael J. Jackson and Paul Castellano are partners.

The truth about Michael J. Jackson will come to pass and all accounts will be settled. Now I am going to tell you how this works. I am a forgiving dude. People do wrong by me and I almost always forgive them. But John J. Gotti, he doesn’t forgive people especially once I do. He is like the General of my Army and I am like the Son. On my day, I must forgive all who trespassed against me, but he will not and all accounts will be settled. And if Michael was murdered the culprits will wish they were never born, because generations will pay for this.

However, the real secret that we all have to look forward to is my last enemy which is death. I do not know how it will all happen other than my next major job will be to break the code of the DNA, in an attempt to slow down, stop or even reverse the aging process in mankind. So even though I gave up a natural life to fulfill my mission, what have I really lost? I know I was born to suffer and so I did, with these expectations in life, but I know how a memory works. You can remember a lifetime in a matter of moments. I know because I did it in May 1990, when I remembered who I was. So all of this suffering will seem like one day in time. All I can tell you was Paul Castellano who I am said, we will extend the life expectancy of mankind to 150 years and when we do this we will have plenty of time to even extend it more. The current promise in scripture is 70 years and I am 54 going on 55, so anyway you look at it the time is near. And from the look of things, I think it will be much sooner that 2029 which is when I make 70 years old. I just know this because John J. Gotti plans to be there and he would be 89 years old then. And things are starting to happen like I planned they would as signs of my day to come.


Paul Castellano

AM I Going to Hell 2 By: Paul Castellano

The Illuminati hired the Mafia to handle the action on the streets, as far as corruption is concerned. Italians and Sicilians are from southern Europe and was seriously invaded by Africans which distances them from the Aryan Brotherhood and Rome whom is the Reich. They were chosen because to the white supremacy groups they were considered house niggers. Black on black crime is the term!

For generations the Mafia carried out the dastardly deeds of the Illuminati, selling drugs, booze, number rackets, money laundering and so forth, but there loyalty was with God and not Satan came the 1960′s under the leadership Carlo Gambino with the real Paul Castellano under the Gambino umbrella . It was a covert operation to prevent the Illuminati from destroying America, by causing the fall of America, by given the country away. Now the stupid government owes us and want to pay us back with borrowed money?

Now we are in a battle over questions of law concerning the first amendment and second amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. The issue is now the right to carry firearms and the right to practice a religion of choice.

The Mafia does not need guns but needs to openly serve their master being the Son of Man and not that punk ass bitch the Pope who claims to be the Holy Father. And if he is so, please him to tell me when the Son will send him back to Hell for good. The Pope is evil and the headquarters of the Illuminati being the Roman Catholic Church is in Bavaria in the mountains. Clarifying this statement, what I am saying is he is anti-Christ.

The question of law is not can a convicted felon carry a firearm, but can a convicted felon who found God in Jesus Christ congregate in the name of the God. The answer is yes! Regardless of their past, if two made men find God and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, he is one in Christ and should have all the rights and privileges extended to a man of the clothe be he gets ordained. Every made man of the Gambino Family need to get ordained.

Now what is God‘s business in the last days? This will determine the activities allowed in congregation, because it is based on the will of God and the law of the land. Therefore it is a legitimate religion if the will of God understood by the congregation does not conflict with the law of the land. Meaning you must congregate in the name of Jesus Christ and the conversations will be between you all and God!

I did what I did not have to do


I did it for power and money in the name of country and God.  If I loved America I would have never carried our these covert operations.  In the name of the bible many were harmed.


Today I better understand the Dr, King crusade.  He tried to prevent the hell people are catching now.  He tried to bring all people together and for that being ahead of his time he had to go.


I was a child holding the hand of the Godfather, which is a powerful position.  Carlo Gambino was a peacemaker  and had he not died by natural causes all hell would have broken loose before we were ready for it.


I regret my life and the things I did, but I did what had to be done.  I hate to see people suffer with AIDS and the many diseases developed in laboratories. 


Here is my promise!  I caused many hardships and many died, but the people responsible for my actions will not go unpunished.


I am going to tell you, Mafia were pawns that made it to the other side of the board.  They are not the real culprits, but they are the ones to watch now because they are under my protection.


Nothing is new now, we cannot prove no more points.  I am tired and I know I can go on automatic at anytime now.  Also I know I can act on my own and will if necessary.  And if I do I cannot be stopped!


Apostle Paul


Carlo Gambino Dead of Natural Causes


John J. Gotti realized he had to go to prison for an amount  of time, because he was disloyal.  Carlo Gambino whom I loved as a father and was loyal to as the Godfather, had a bad heart.  He would have repeated heart attacks and I would constantly revive him.  I accepted him as my father.


I was told I could not keep reviving him, because if I did my turn would never come and I would always play second fiddle.  John J. Gotti told me this and I listened.  When he had the fatal heart attack, I simply allowed him to die.  He was not killed but he was not saved as long as he could have.  This had to happen for my work to be done, he did it to himself by putting John J. Gotti into my life at the level he was in.  He should have been my counselor and advisor.  There could be but one father.


I do not remember my relations with him to a deep degree, I only remember me and my mother talking to him at his house and he said to me stop acting like a baby, when I asked for more mocha.  I asked him like a child, which I was.  But even as a child I was running things.  I ran things even when Carlo Gambino was the Dom.  My childlike attitude ended then and it was all business there after. 


He was the boss, but I was the mastermind that made the Gambino Crime Family what it became under his leadership.  I was told the Black Mafia whom my father Frank Clark Jones was a part of put him into power.  They were under the leadership or buffer of Joe Gallo, who was killed because they did not want to keep the promise of him having a family.  I told Joe to just let them have there way for now, he was a proud man.  A lot of my men are black today, they are all over the world and I have nothing but love for Queensbridge


The Apostle Paul


Paul Talks About the Role of John J. Gotti?


I did a lot of writing about my relationship with John.  He was sent to me at an early age, about 5 years old.  He was the one the Gambino Family sent to me by orders of Dom Carlo Gambino


Though John eventually played the role of the Godfather, he was made through me; I had him kill a spy who came with him to see me.  After which I said, “Now they will fear you.”  A line we both used often, after one of us does something necessary to protect ourselves.


John J. Gotti is the Master Key, that unlocks the mindset of Paul Castellano and the Heavens.  There are keys out there made from this Master Key, but a key cannot be made from another key.  John said to me “You made me into some type of God?”  These are not verbatim statements, I told him yes, as it will be necessary to do our work. 


As I was possessed by the Holy Spirit at birth and God is with me, John was made the Father and I the Son but in reality I AM the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  As I was given in ransom, at the end I will once again become Holy and Pure in Heart and in Mind and in Spirit.


As I made the final decisions, John has always been my top advisor.  They say John died in prison, that is not true.  This is why he had a closed casket funeral.  He was given a new identity after the faked death.  They say John died in prison?


Not long after he escaped the Springfield Maximum Security Prison, he was given power of authority over my affairs, my name was then Frank Paul Jones.  Now I have many names and accounts in many names, but until I finish my work, I will probably not see one cent of that money.  For one of my promises was to suffer with my people, but God’s promises to provide for me regardless!


As I in the mindset of Paul Castellano broke the code of the Bible, we accelerated the fulfilling of the prophesy of the Bible that it would happen in my normal lifetime, which is within the promise of the scripture.  I tell you the truth we are living in the last days.  That is what I mean by I became Satan himself, I caused these things to happen in my lifetime that I could put an end to Satan’s rein.  The question is can I overcome me and if John is now being held ransom, when do I go into automatic pilot?  For the Son will return! 


The Apostle Paul

Show’em how to do it

The Mood

Wayne comes to Tampa, fl 2011



There are tons of ticket to the show.  But just who is this guy.  He is probably one of the hardest working
artist in Hip Hop.  Yea he screwed up and
did his time in a secret recording studio built just for him on Rikers Island.  The under the table cost was $1 million
dollars.  A calculated risk by
birdman  that paid off in dividends. 


Not hating but is congratulating on this comeback.  It could not have been done better.  I can say much about Lil Wayne, but not


Rev. Frank Paul Jones of the NCNCHINC believe that
this movement may well demonic.  With
stars on there heads and low priced ticket with provocative lyrics that leads
to lust and perversion say you should know where your child are that
night.  This is adult entertainment.


Frank Paul Gambino introduces Stackz Gotti to Tampa as people hear her
songs on the loud speakers as a token of respect between the Cash Money Crew and the Gambino Family.   The CD will be sent to the venue.


show in Tampa will b  on 3 August 2011

The NCNCHINC 2011-12 Fiscal Agenda


To: The Board of Directors of the NCNCHINC

From: Rev. Frank Paul Jones President and Chair

RE: The NCNCHINC 2011-12 Fiscal Agenda

Date: 24 May 2011


Getting the doors open:


The NCNCHINC Meeting on 2011-12 Agenda to be held on Tentative date:

Saturday 4 June 2011@ 4pm

Location the Blue Temple

Frank Paul Jones as Mediator

Contact Number: (863) 657-2142


The Honorable and
Supreme Agreement:


I the Rev. Frank Paul
Jones aka Frank Paul Gambino will be the President and Board Chair perpetually
or until I die or resign and pas over the torch to my successor.  I am the successor of Carlo  Gambino, Frank Clark Jones and Eston E.L.
Roberts.  It is my duty to grow these
branches by associations with the noblemen of the communities of Highlands County
and Queensbridge and the Gambino legitimate territories of New York City…. (Western Beef in Avon Park’s
Former Publix Site)


To: The Directors of the NCNCHINC:


I call on bro. Al Joe
personally to be my national spokesman and director of a single parents with
children outreach. His job would be to do speeches and interviews for the
media.  We will give exclusive coverage
on occasion to the Florida
Tribune.  His baby will be to help
children, that is his blessing, he gets to help children for a living.  And he gets plenty of media attention.


Let us get serious,
Bro. Al Joe you are a renowned community leader and the head of the NAACP
(National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) in the locality.  I am simple a man with a vision and let me
share it with you.  Look around the
world, earth is reshaping.  Japan the
third largest economy destroyed, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and
wars all over the world.  It is about


We have to address
the foreseeable now.  What makes us
special is our location.  Avon Park,
FL. seats on prime real estate, located 11 feet above sea level in central Florida.


Hurricanes from Miami and Tampa
become strong winds when they hit this area. California
is worried about the aftermath of Japan.  Florida
has the third highest mortgage foreclosures in the nation.  One of the highest in unemployment with
unemployment rate of almost 11% and the black community even worst.


I am addressing the
contemporary situation we are faced with that we survive these hard days to
come.  We have to organize and be able to
respond to any situation in a flash.  We
need homeless shelters and we need soup kitchens to insure the poor and
homeless, as we are all one hurricane from homelessness.


We are living in a
times unlike any other.  Why allow you as
an asset not be fully utilized.  We know
you are a community leader but how can we as a black community promote black
advancement and ignore the plights of my organization the NCNCHINC, we have a
$125G office building located in the middle of the black community that cannot
open because of a roof and utilities.
Every black organization in Avon
Park including the NAACP
should support our efforts.  We are on
the front lines and we need you to get established and we are of service to
you.  We are about community work and can
do things under more than one organization and that is what we are.


local solution to having many leaders and no centralized voice.  We want to have representatives several
branches community service organizations, so that we can all work together as a
unified order.  We have to be ready for
the worst is yet to come.


Let me share my vision with the NAACP


We at the NCNCHINC
(The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC) believe Highlands County, Florida
is the land of opportunity.  The town can
be brought cheep and has been by the Wal-Mart’s and McDonald’s.  They are the infrastructure and we have to
build onto what they designed.


This place has very
few living wage jobs.  A great area to
retire and work while on disability, but most black people cannot make it here
on their own.  A person is disenfranchised
simply by not being allowed to drive, due to a suspended drivers license.  There is no public transportation.  Yet we
are on prime real estate and I am talking about on this whole damn


Think about it Japan will not
even eat their own tuna fish.  Look at
the condition of Haiti,
where do you think they are going to come to?
America?  And where in America is best than where the real
estate is in a buyer market at extreme measures.  We in Avon Park
has to prepare for the worst and  change
that will follow being the exodus of many nations, states and cities.  Think about the Mississippi
River and all the homes lost and lives destroyed, where are they
going to come to?  Central


Highlands County,
Florida about as big as any major city, yet the population is about 120,000 and
growing fast.  With all the things
happening in the world, we are looking at a population growth in 5 years of
about 200% or 240,000 new residents.  And
I agree with Gov. Scott to some degree, we do not need all that money spent on
high speed rails, we need buses down here in Highlands County.  These are the things that must be
address.  We need living wage jobs and Japan plans to
relocate some of its plants, we need to put in a bid for Christ sake.



The black economic
problem begins with the non profit sector.
Because there is no investment capital, like conventional business
loans, we have to get to the source of the whole economic problem which is
inactivity.  We have to pool our talents
to create a well oiled machine in order to compete in the open market and that
is what the establishment of the Blue
Temple Headquarters and
the NCNCHINC is all about.  


I call on bro. Marshall to bring the
brethren together.  As I bring you all
together by heart may you bring in the brothers in name.  You know the Masons here a vagabonds.   Away with gangster tactics and false secret
orders AS MY FOREBEAERS practiced.  I am
the inheritor of the supreme mathematics that will bring forth prosperity for
us all if we unify.   We are getting old
and must make our move now.  The non
profit organization if properly used is the template of the new mafia.  Crime is a practice of the past, when we had
to do what we had to do to survive.  We
are much bigger than that now.  We are
family Men.  My cousin!


I call on bro. Rob to
help protect our community.  We have to
create options for our youth to prevent incarceration to begin with.  But we must help curb repeat offenders.  I have a personal attachment to this
department as I am a convicted felon myself.
My nephew Dahoud spent his entire adulthood in prison.  I am building this record company for him. We
have to keep our people out of prison by any means necessary. 


I call on bro. Herb
whom I heard many good things about to help us Develop the Southside
Redevelopment Area of Avon Park,
FL.  We have to diversify the properties.  Your club is a good property, however we have
to develop the other properties because this is our central location.    We have to redevelop Delaney Avenue with whole hearted
business investors.  If we can organize
the youth and create an entrepreneur spirit of legitimate minded
individuals.  I realize that laws and
ordinances has to be properly examined.
There may well have to be a movement for change at City, County, State
and even Federal Level.  For example we
endorse openly the legalization of marijuana, however we are aware of the
consequences of the illegal acts and use of the drug.   The first mission is to open the soup
kitchen and manage the properties so that all businesses grow and build off of
each other by the innate  attraction from
community unity.


I call on bro.
Lorenzo to unify the black church here in Highlands County.  So we can make motions as a unified group of
constituents.  The church has gone to
sleep waiting to die but WWJD.  We must
be like the guiding beacon of peace, respecting and having tolerance for the
righteous.  We need a list of every
church and the leadership within it, for the ability to contact and coordinated
actions together.  We will form a board
of clergy of at least 5 members to vote on proposed actions from the NCNCHINC
for the purpose of God’s salvation, favor and community development.


I call on bro. Arnold to act as our
liaison to the greater community.  We
need the Wilson Family involved and you all deserve to be within the loop.  I need you to take the lead and do a lot of
grant writing.  I need for you to help me
find foundation grants and government grants.
We need you input on a lot of issues, we will share information with you
before it is made public.  You will take
over Resource and Development.  I want
you to take charge on fund raising reporting directly to me as will all


Subjects Summarized:


How do we open the Blue Temple

Location: The
Blue Temple:

923 South A Avenue

Avon Park, FL 33825


First order of


Open corporate bank
account.  The NCNCHINC corporate account
will require two signatures to withdraw money.
It will require my signature and the signature of a second board of
director.  This will require about $100
however I want $500 startup capital.


We will turn on the
electric at about $475 and gas we need an estimate and start the wiring
project.  Cable installation can cost as
much as $3,000.  We will do our own
wiring and save a lot of money.  We need
enough power to run about 10 computers which cost about $30 per computer per
month or $300, plus we need phone and cable TV connections.


After utility setup
we can run a utility bill at over $1,000 per month.  Each office space on the first floor has to
pay rent to sustain the office space.  We
will need the minimum expenses for the 12 months duration of the fiscal year
calculated in the budget.  Everyone that
is down has to hold their on and produce funds to apply it towards first the
overhead and then the causes.


This is how the fund
solicitation functions will take place.
Each office space is expected to produce at least $250 per month time 8
= $2,000 operation expenses.  How will
this be done?  Each office space
will  actually be a representative to a
group of supporters.  We want to charge
$500 per space not in rent but for all the service necessary to run a safe and
clean operation.  This will require  good grant writing and fund raising
activities.  We need movers and shakers
and as a team we will be able to make good fund raising efforts.


Each department on an
average will use 30% of the money earned for administrative costs.


I have a solicitation
license, tax ID and is an active Non Profit Corporation in the state of Florida, without any
debts.  We are estimated to have a value
of about $125G equity on the building without any mortgage.  Our first administrative action after setting
up corporate account is to apply for our 501 c 3 statuses.  And after we pass the code inspections get
all our proper licenses to operate a business at 923 South A Avenue and the adjacent lot


The Blue Temple
is well built.  The location can be
defined by the activities promoted in the venues.  We have to build a better community from the
grassroots.   I believe people want
change and just do not know how to acquire it.
We at the NCNCHINC are with the people in the community and for the
people all over Highlands County and the greater USA.  Office Space is made available to organizations
that are self sustaining and serve the purpose of the NCNCHINC.


We need the roof
fixed/replace, the building painted, a blower for the central air/heat,
bathroom fixed, kitchen cleaned before moving in.  To do this we need renovation insurance, it
will cost an estimated $900 for 6 months insurance to hire a contractor to do
the roof which is a dangerous job because of the building’s height.


Next:  We have to wire the building using a
telecommunications company.  We will do
most of the wiring ourselves.  It is done
on the outer-walls.  This job will be
under the supervision of Arthur-Lee – Director of IT.  We will request a class project from
SFCC.  We will pay for all the materials
and cut the labor cost as we give students real hands on experience.






Invited Are the following Noble Gentlemen:


Located on 2nd Floor


Frank – Recording Studio

Ella – Publishing Company

Four Staff Members

John – Maintenance & Local Business Representative

Arthur-Lee – Director of IT


John and Arthur Lee
will be the heart of the operation an


Located on 1st Floor


There are AC
receptacles around the first floor walls, there will be  8 desks setup around the walls and in the
center a table to meet and break bread.


We will setup desks
with computers and phones.  Everyone
should supply there own spaces with the equipment needed and we will also
depend on grants and philanthropic given  to accomplish our goals.


The kitchen will be
available to the people occupying the building.
We will get food from the Rib Shack Two once fully operational.


The studio will
operate in headphone and moderate sound levels during the day.  During schedule sessions in coordination with
management we will turn up the volume.
There will be a conflict of interest policy between office hours and
studio hours of full operation.   


Al Joe – Natioanl Spokesman
Director of Single Parents with Children Outreach

Marshall -
Director Veterans Assistance

Rob – Director of Recidivism Prevention via Hilton Ministries

Herb – Director of Business Promotions: Local Business Representative

Lorenzo – Director of the Clergy Outreach

Arnold – Director of Resource and Development  (R&D) – Representative for the Coalition
for the Homeless  

Located at Sites Office Spaces Shared:


Joe – Owner of Soup Kitchen Site

Ray – Owner of homeless Shelter Site

Representative from the Food Bank





Main Street Homeless Shelter Site:


119 West Main Street

Avon Park, FL 33825


Ray is a smart
businessman.  He has a good property on Main Street.  It is walking distance to the Community
Center.  Adjacent to the property are 3
other properties that can support stores.
One of the stores is unoccupied and is a kitchen and planned to be the
second soup kitchen under NCNCHINC management.


Ray is a man of God
and decided that in his
last days all he wants is God’s favor
We at the NCNCHINC will insure his properties are well maintained and
self supporting, well managed, well associated with the greater community, and
certainly turn a profit.


In this economy you
have to ask how.  We are doing services
for the underserved in our communities.
There is a market for helping people during great recessions, because
people simple are homeless and have no food.
Ray has properties in his older
age that people simply cannot pay the rent.


So we will accept a
lower amount of rent per unit with guaranteed capacity.  We want the going rate that the city gives
for a homeless shelter on a monthly basis.
Then we want to renovate the kitchen from Ray’s expense account and
serve food there as a another soup kitchen extension of the Rib Shack Two
Community Kitchen.



Shack Two Soup Kitchen:


212 Hal McRae BLVD

Avon Park, FL 33825


We need to bring in
some brothers with talent.  We all know
people with talents and we can put up a banner, stating under renovation and
get the job done for the costs of materials.
I want money for the food bank network and the coalition for the
homeless.  We will match the money raised
with the Facade Grant.  This is a $10G
startup operation $2,500 homeless coalition, $2,500 food bank, $5,000 Facade

In honor and truth I
appeal to you all for the justice and rights of all people equally, that we together
may do what we cannot do alone. 


Public Transportation Drive:


As united coalition
we will create awareness not only of the need but the possibility through
proper planning to achieve public transportation in the Highlands County
area.  It is the natural
progression.  Click the hyperlink above
and read the article on the subject of how a bus service here will drive down
unemployment.  It is the infrastructure
necessary to create an environment that will have living wage jobs.


We have to use every
means necessary to create public transportation in the black community.  We must create legitimate car services though
our non profit networks.  We must be the
architects of our own community.


We own cars and have
huge unemployment rates because people cannot get to work to have a job.  We black folks have to create our own car
services that are non profit, but self supporting through donations and fares.


The problem with Avon Park
is that it has an oppressive policy on small businesses.  Avon
Park has become slaves of
Highway 27 and has brought Main
Street and the Southside Redevelopment Area to a
pre-developed stone age economy.  However
there is a catch 22 Highway 27 is not residentially populated with black folks.


A transportation
system that connects the Highway 27 to the black community and to other
communities as well and to the college, courts and so forth is detrimental to a
fair and just society here in Highlands County.






Rev. Frank Paul Jones


PS: Early Reporting to be continued. 

The Biography of Frank Paul Jones


The National Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC aka NCNCHINC is a non profit corporation whose headquarters is located in Avon Park, FL.  They are led by the Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Frank Paul Gambino among other names, is the President and Chairman of the Board.  The organization was established in October 2009.

Though a small organization it is unique in its character.  Some people say they are an occult because Rev. Frank Paul Jones claims to be the Apostle Paul of the new millennium in the flesh.   Reverend Jones who is an ordained minister is considered by many to be a hypocrite because he believes the bible was tampered with and is not holy at all.  However he teaches that he received the Holy Spirit from God and his teachings are from a divine source and that he is a true minister of the true word of God.

Born in Queens New York on 4 March 1959 by Blond Eve Austin Jones, who was married to Frank Clark Jones, his said to be biological father, Frank Paul Jones was raised in a criminal environment.  Early in infancy he caught the pneumonia as a baby and almost died.  As a baby he claims that he remembered having a conversation with God. As an infant he asked God why you are punishing me and God spoke to him and said, “You were born to suffer in my Name.”  He has three sisters Egeria, Lujuana, and Ella and a half brother named Lovonvo.

He was raised in Mafia controlled territory in Long Island City, New York, in a popular housing complex known today as the Queensbridge Projects.  He claims that by time he was about 5 years old he was put under hypnosis by the infamous John J. Gotti (Teflon Don), so that he could be put under mind control.  As a result of these ideas he was diagnosed by the Federal Government as Bi Polar and is said to be Schizophrenic.  After these sessions he was named Paul Castellano by the Gambino Crime Family so he says.  He claims to be the real Paul Castellano. 

As a child his father Frank Clark Jones was very abusive to his mother Blond, for reason’s he never understood.  Though he was not abused he felt he was raised in an abusive home.  He was a very smart child academically, however when he was 11 years old his mother had a disabling stroke that she never recovered from it and was pronounced dead when he was 16 years old.  He blamed his father for her demise and could not find it in his heart to forgive him. He remembered when he was 11 years old and woke up for school and was told by his sister Lujuana his mother had a stroke, he realized it was not a dream and she was carried out of the apartment that night.  He went to the mirror in the bathroom, banging his head against it cursing God saying, “I hate you God,” over and over.  He was traumatized as a child.

He said on that day he may well have been cursed by Satan, because he hated God for taken the health away from his mother.  As a result his interest changed and his grades went down in school.  He eventually started congregating with the more sinful group of people and by time he was a teenager at about 14 years old he started to abuse drugs and alcohol.  By time he was 15 years old he was drug dealer and the deterioration of his character continued.

His father realized he had a problem and would always tell him to search for the truth and that your worst enemy was yourself.

His father got fed up with his anti social behaviors and his evil ways.  As Rev. Jones then Paul Castellano was going up against God and all of God’s people, he joined the Army at age 17 years old.  He was involved in covert operations since the age 17 with the federal government again so he claims.  It is a known fact he enlisted three times and his military record until now have been unobtainable to the Department Veterans Affairs in his claim for compensation that is over 20 years old.  He claims the reason is National Security, whereby the VA simply could not obtain his records from the Department of Defense for 20 years and counting. 

He served the United States Army 3 times between 1976 and 1987.  In between his enlistments he never could function properly in society, engaging in criminal activities and never hold a job very long.  By 1989 he reached his rock bottom and found God again.  He had a spiritual awakening as a result of secret fellowship, however his troubles where just about to begin.  After he came to his senses and accepted God’s greatness and mercy, he had what he called a revelation of self, code to society a nervous breakdown.

When he entered the hospital for help with personal problems, he could not remember the day before.  All of his memory was blank.  It was like he was just born and barely knew has own name.  But it started to come back to him little at a time.  He lived in a homeless shelter in Long Island City aka BAVR (Borden Avenue Veteran Residence) and one night he was told his father had a heart attack and he had to go to Florida.  He realized his anger with his father was too long and to love himself he had to let go of the anger and hatred.  He packed the little he owned and went to Florida to see about his Father.  His father died about a week later and he moved into the family home.

He knew he would not stay long, but had to survive in a town of few opportunities. So he went back to school and got a full time job.  All he did was studied, eat and slept but he was tranquil. Then the day of blessing or curse came upon him.  He found out who he was in a vision as describe by him.

“I was watching a music video by a popular artist, I had a vision and saw my whole life pass by him and remembered everything that I did and happened in my life.”  He realized he was Paul Castellano and Gambino Family made man and the successor of Carlo Gambino.  When he revealed these visions to the world he was not received and was called crazy by everyone to include his own family. He was told that he was delusional.  That is when he took on the name Frank Paul Gambino.  He claimed he was the Son of Carlo Gambino and the successor of the Gambino Crime Family.  Still his troubles where just beginning.

In 1991 he was arrested for threatening to kill President George H.W. Bush Sr.  Somehow he got out of that one after a 16 days stay at Saint Elizabeth Hospital.  But it did not stop there he was again arrested in California for threatening members of the Jackson Family and recently in an approximately 200 pages document in the investigation on Michael Jackson’s death, he was found to have been under investigation concerning the death of Michael Jackson by the FBI.  The article was released by TMZ.  Frank Paul Jones on TMZ web site:


For 20 years Frank Paul Jones was called insane by the masses and until this day to some degree he cannot shake off the past.  Many people judge him by the false media.


He says he is no longer interested in the Jackson Family and found love with NaQuila, who he did production work on an album for.  He currently lives in Florida and is trying to put the past behind him.  His mission in life now is to do community work and try to help people.  He feels this is a 180 degree turn for him as for most of his life he hated God only to realize he is a child of God.  He feels like he is God’s prodigal Son. He will come in the name the Apostle Paul.




The Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area Dilemma


I realize people need to have recreation and be allowed to let off steam.  When I was younger I partied and it was fun to me, however became my greatest misery.  It was a privilege extended to me from the generations before me and shouldn’t be extended to this generation by all. 


I was sent here on a mission and by a promise made to Worshipful Master Eston Roberts to do community work and to help revive the economy first in the black community than in all communities and then the nation.  This is my promise to the Nation and the White House and President Obama.


People here wonder who I am and what I am about.  I’m a servant of the Lord, far from stupid or am I crazy.  I walked the road of the oppressed by choice and understand the hardships of the underserved, for I am one of them. The bottom line is I have been through the ringer, because the direction of my life was preordained.


I travelled for 33 years, since I was 17 years old.  And the Lord and the nation sent me here.  What is about to happen here will be a template for the Nation to follow?  Avon Park does not realized it has been blessed, by my presence and the attention it will receive around the nation and the world as a result of my being here on a mission from God and by the Nation of Made Men.


Important people are watching us.  As I may have a vision I was taught that a prophet’s vision can only be realized by the actions of the people.  The people of the times make’s the vision of the prophet happen and not the other way around contrary to popular belief.  I may well be the Grand Architect or Chief Engineer, but my ability to manufacture a final product depends on the staff and technicians.


All to say, millions of dollars is trying to ride thru here and important people want these good things to happen in this area. Operations from the White House to the Gambino Family, from Oprah to  Eric Holder to past Presidents such as George W, Bush and Bill Clinton to the support of the Crips are unified in this mission, because the success of this mission holds a key to a better America.  That said who am I?  I am the real Paul Castellano, now do your homework.  I am Gambino!


I call on the scattered Dolphins and those who love the Lord to come together not in fear knowing the Lord is with you and the highest authorities of Mankind also.  Support the operation to revive our community and put an end of self oppression.  Understand that oppression is privilege however reparation is our right to succeed.   Please help us help us and you too.

Gambino offers Gotti Assistance with the Stallone Movie


There is a screenplay that is coded sitting in the library of Congress, named “the Apostle” by Frank Paul Jones.  It contains government secrets about the life and times of John J. Gotti as only can be told by the real Paul Castellano aka Frank Paul Gambino.  People’s perception of John Gotti is that he was a powerful thug, whereby in reality he was tied into high level government covert operations.  And among that circle I am the only survivor who can tell the truth the whole truth and remain an untouchable.


John A. Gotti knew his father in a way I could never know him?  Perhaps!  But the truth about the mission carried out by me and my old friend is unparalleled to any Mafia story ever told.  The truth about John J. Gotti is science non fiction, covert operations and big corporate business.


We are talking about the AIDS virus, Hollywood and how they were developed.  The Gambino Family is the most powerful family on the face of the earth.  They or should I say we are not a crime family, but the true controllers of many big corporations such as Microsoft, the Hemsley Estate, Paramount Communications and the list goes on, to include Clear Channel Communications the mother of Live Nation the concert promoter.


It will all come together as the world’s economy will never recover until the rightful owners are place in their rightful positions.  The true mission of the Gambino Family was to fulfill the prophesy of the bible and it was by the design of the Grand Architect a child name Paul Castellano by Carlo Gambino himself.  For this reason he was reject by the masses but never denied by the Mob. John J. Gotti was the key to Paul Castellano; as Paul Castellano was under hypnosis since childhood and remains so.


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