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Jay-Z at Yahoo! Wireless Festival - Day 2

Jay Z Holy Grill feat. Justin Timberlake is Whack


How can two superstars in the music industry, with all the money in the world, make such a whack song?  Holy Grill has a catch, which is its name.  You would think that a song with such a name would have a monster hook, but this song is totally whack.  The reason I am writing this article, is because the song has traumatized me.  I cannot get it out of my head and it is making me sick.  The song just sucks and Jay Z sounds like a kindergarten teacher with his rap lines.  It just shows that if you have money, regardless of what you make, it will get airplay.

What is more sickening, is that this song seems to be in the top ten on my local radio station out of Tampa, which is 94.1 on the FM dial.  Until I look it up on the Internet, I had no idea it was Justin Timberlake was doing the singing.  That only made it worst to believe that two superstars in the music industry could make such a mess.

It all goes to show that money can make anything into a hit.  And you wonder why things are happening in this country like they are.  Kids getting killed on the streets for no apparent reason other than fear.  Yea, I said it, the only reason why Trayvon Martin got murdered and George Zimmerman got away with it is because America feels it is alright for adult whites to fear our children.  That was the jury’s decision that President Jimmy Carter agreed with by saying the jury made the right decision.  In essence he is saying it is alright for white people to fear black kids and out of fear kill them in self defense.  George Zimmerman’s defense was I was scarred for my life.

Now you might be thinking that I am going overboard with this article.  But the media is the culprit to the mayhem going on in America. For example this song Holy Grill could lead to someone getting killed, because it traumatize me it could do the same to others.  I mean listening to this song on the road could lead to road rage.   The song is sickening.

You might think I am going overboard, but I am not, the music today does not soothe the temple, it enrages it.  This is not the only song that makes me sick, it is just the latest song that sickens me. So why do I listen to the radio station that plays this mess?  Some of the stuff is enjoyable, but the lineup also consist of sick stuff and to be in touch with the times, you have to know what is going on.  Just like looking at the  news on CNN, it keeps me in touch with the happenings in the world.  I would not know why our children are so screwed up, had I not listened in on their  music.  The waves in the air are deadly.

I think good Christians should listen to Hip Hop Music sometimes, because that is the only way they will be able to know what is going on in the world today.  A lot of Hip Hop is the devil’s music and way into our homes.  This music provokes violence by being so damn annoying.  They make music to turn passive kids into violent aggressive killers.

Take Lil Wayne, he sounds like Mickey Mouse on half of his songs, he sounds like a little kid, but every other word from him is “Cash Money,” letting all the kids know that he got paid doing this Mickey Mouse act, with tattoos on his face.  Now all the kids think it is fashionable to wear tattoos, making themselves unemployable, yet they are not disabled, meaning if they do not sling drugs they will never get paid.  Meanwhile drug dealers are on every corner of my neighborhood.  So the drug dealer becomes his best customer.  All of this is because of the music they are making today.  Hollywood is controlled by the Devil and he is raising havoc, because he is in his last days.  So he wants to take as many people as he can with him.  And I believe a good Christian cannot and will not ignore these trends that are the culprit to so much of the violence in our communities today.  Hollywood is out to create rage within our communities, with their music, television and video games.  Kids and adults alike these days spend more time on video games than homework or work in general.  And all the video games are about violence, so they are becoming desensitized to reality and that is why it is so easy to kill.  Tell me what is this world coming to.  Next we will have homosexual superheroes, saving our kids from pedophiles.  I tell you with Satan in charge there are no parameters.

The Apostle Paul


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