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Will President Barrack Obama Survive a Second Term

AM I Going to Hell 2 By: Capstone Zulu

To tell you the truth, I was tough on President Obama in the early stages of his presidency. However, I grew to appreciate him, my respect as a man he always had. I just could not understand how he in this racist nation and world could be the leader of the greatest nation of the world? I saw him cry before the nation and world, as he became weary after the elections and won, because he is human. And against all odds, he stood up to a selfish Congress and maintain his resilience. Now comes the second term as a lame duck President.

Often in the second term there is a scandal in the White House, let us look back in recent history. Pres. Nixon got impeached, Pres. Reagan had a weaker second term due to the Contra Rebels guns for cocaine deals, Pres. Bush and 9/11 and Pres. Clinton who can forget lied before America and the world about getting him some head. So there are mined fields out there.

We all know that the real issue is the economy, which can lead to anarchy. There is a direct correlation between oppression and bad economics with lawlessness and violence. Meanwhile we are addressing the symptoms and not the illness of America.

President Obama had to address gun laws, because of the media coverage of these mass murders, which is a symptom and not the disease in America. But do we have the time and money to inconvenience the Pres. Obama agenda to address these hard economic times. This is were tough choices have to be made, do we dwell on gun laws or spend limited time on the issue, make an executive decision constitutional or unconstitutional will have the same effect and move on as he gives something to the Congress to stumble upon and the Supreme Court a question of law. Then he might be able to pass some significant bills to help the economy, while they play these emotional games. Sort of the way same sex marriage slid through while America dealt with other more important issues

Let us look at some facts concerning gun violence and taking on the NRA “National Rifle Association,” which is futile, and potentially dangerous. Most of the gun violence in America is black on black crimes, by people who has no permit to carry firearms. Often it is due to drugs, be it used or sold or out of emotions and coupled with psychiatric disorders. And most people become mentally ill due to too much pressure, stress and poor economics. The social security line is loaded with people who simply cannot find a job and know of no other way but crime to survive and eat. So they play crazy our days to get a check. Crazy once was a taboo, but now it is in like fashionable clothing.

We live in a times whereby unemployment is like SSDI, which is long term and ends up making people unemployable, but they are supposed to be able to work. SSI and SSDI has become a form of retirement for poor folks, people get on with no intentions of trying to get back off of it. Income tax fraud has become blue collar crime, as enough money is stole each year to pay down our national debt each year, and it is allowed for the sake of quick tax returns over accountability.

Meanwhile President Obama attacks the NRA, causing an increase in guns sales if nothing else. While our real problem is corporate greed in America and the world. And they know Pres. Obama is about creating an even playing field that will allow the redistribution of Americas wealth.

In conclusion, it seems to me the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, was a setup for an assassination attempt against President Obama by big corporate America, only to blame a psycho associated with the NRA. Making the NRA the blame of Pres. Obama’s demise. Then blacks will act out and also be murdered and all too soon be forgotten. And guns is not the real issue!

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