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The Virtual Concert May Be Reality like Tupac’s Hologram

The New World Order By: Capstone Zulu feat: Stackz Gotti 

There is a rumor that the virtual concert may become reality soon, with a Tupac Shakur virtual concert, lining him up with artist such as Snoop Dogg, on the stage together.   I predict the virtual concert technology, is going to change the character of the music industry, as Americans have become tied to animation.


With video games as prominent as they are and cartoons have become acceptable adult entertainment, then the natural transition is the virtual concert whereby performances are flawless and beyond our imagination with virtual effects.


What will this mean to the industry?  Well let us examine the potential of the new technology.  What can it do?  It can do all three, vocal, musical and performance onstage. 


We are talking about the ability to create the perfect performer/musician in one.  Do you remember Milli Vanilli, two looks that could not sing a lick, well can you imagine the world of entertainment whereby the norm is to find talent to use virtually.  A singer here and a dancer there and a musician there all in one performance; with the perfect chorography, not only on a virtual stage, but also seen on the big screen all over the country in one night for one big show.  Imagine the box office hit!


This technology with the proper artistic abilities can explode; whereby real artist will have to compete with made up artist in the virtual world.  What will happen is Hollywood will be able to create an animated performing artist, that will actually be stars in real time in a virtual reality saga. 


What will happen is artist like Michael Jackson will be resurrected from the dead, as well as people like James Brown and Elvis Presley, whereby the owners of the artist name and future performance rights if that exist, will allow new material to be created by these artist using there vocals patterns and physical features.  Now they will be able to match dead performers to new material, which will be more powerful than auto-tune.


This will create an environment in the entertainment world whereby many artist may be downsized because it will be like an a All Star Game, with the best all time artist competing behind computer generated programming and engineering.  In a way it could make musical entertainment more competitive with higher educational requirements.  Because an out of shape great singer can be converted into a spectacular singer/performer in the virtual world, what will be competitive is the computer programming and musical engineering and the people behind it creating these image and sound productions will be at competition.


Now we will have an animated characters playing artist rather than the other way around.  For example instead of George Reeves playing Superman, Superman will play Elvis Presley.   Because the character being played is dead and being played by something virtual, even as it looks like the person it is a reflection of an image an illusion and it is not real. 


This means artist themselves have to be trademarked into a brand name and owned by corporations in some cases profit and non profit, sole proprietor and partnerships and these brands will become businesses that can be perpetual.  Because is not Superman still alive?  Only DC Comics can kill him off.


Welcome to future entertainment!



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