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Don’t You Get Leftout

By Rev. Paul

To: The Church Service Center of Avon Park, FL, The Churches
and Community Leadership

From: Rev. Frank Paul Jones – President of the NCNCHINC

RE: Application for
$2,000 Grant for 501 c 3 Statuses Application

Date: 27 July 2011

The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands
Incorporated is a non profit organization, our Headquarters is located in Avon Park, FL.  We are a charitable organization and we are
not religious and our agenda for fiscal year Oct 20111-12 is to

begin the redevelopment of the Southside Redevelopment Area
of Avon Park, FL.

We own our headquarters location without mortgage with a
value of $125G.  The location is two
stories and the space is 28 by 48 feet.
We need to replace our roof to be able to open to the public and pass the
code inspections.  However our vision is
much greater than the repair of the rooftop, as we are a grassroots
organization unifying the community of all religious backgrounds in a social
agenda that is certainly righteous, will feed the hungry and house the homeless
to replace a state of hopelessness in a community of a promise redevelopment
from the City of Avon Park. We are talking about the Southside Redevelopment
Area and we are on the front line.

The NCNCHINC in coordination with the Highlands County
Coalition for the Homeless and the Heartlands Food Reservoir are in the process
of drawing the blueprints to a new community on the Southside, removing drugs
and prostitution out from within the residential community while also engaging
in wise commercial and residential enterprises.

We plan to bring into our building a emergency men’s
homeless shelter consisting of 10 beds on the first floor for 5-7 day stays, including
dinning, a kitchen, bathroom/shower, washer and dryer and space allocated for
24 hrs services and supervision with on location staff.

On the second floor we will have 4 computer centers to serve
to residents and a room allocated for one person to stay there for a 6 months
period, as a building maintainer.

Then we will partition the rest of the space for JCR
Multimedia, which will consist of a Newsletter Secular and non secular combined
with respect to all but sometimes raw and real to be circulated see map and a record company,
Jones Communications and Jones Records.

Cost at a minimum
to open the doors not to include services $65G.

In coordination with the Heartlands Food Reservoir and the
Highlands County Coalition for the Homeless on Hal McRae Blvd at the site of the former Rib
Shack Family Owner Restaurant, we would like to renovate the site and utilize
it as a soup kitchen.  It will be used to
cater to the homeless shelter on occasion and as needed and as required.  It will need structural improvements and
wiring.  The place is old however it is a
historical site and appropriate grants are sought.  Unfortunately in the City Ordinance if a site
is destroyed you can not rebuild on it on the Southside Redevelopment Area.  This is an oppressive ordinance. However as
things stand we can renovate and renew the Rib Shack into a homeless luncheon
and diner. A place where the homeless and poor can eat with dignity.   We want to start out with 100 plates per day
and grow with the demand during the worst recession since the great

Expected Cost: $50G
Under Historical Property Preservation:

The services rendered here has to extend to other facilities
and a similar partner in the whole network to reach all demographics and
communities.   We strongly feel the Southside Redevelopment
Area is under represented and for this reason is infested with drugs and crime
to the late hours of the day.  We are
talking about serious drug abusive behavior.
However we see ourselves as the obvious solution.  As our location will be a Mecca of transitional housing.  This will create jobs in the community and
open homes for the many living like ants because of lack of affordable housing
in the area that serves this community as a priority response to the needs on
the neighborhood are extraordinary and urgent for the safety of all ofAvon Park,FL.

Part of our vision
is that with administrative support and funding the community will transition
into a happy and safe community that will transition into a new middle class black
community of cultural significations
thru a combination new development, enterprising institutions and
community supporting and self supporting funding.

What We Need:
We need to hire Legal and expedite the order
for a corporation that will do well by “talking things into existence.”  We have big plans for the future as our pet
project will be to bring public transportation into Highlands County and the
black community during late hours if necessary safely and secured due to
community involvement and the Church. Together we will do what must be done and
change the ordinance and save our community.

And we need a copy of Grant.Biz, we  need to immediately order Government Grant Writing Software.
In this case this may or may not be the choice as funding for expenses must be
reexamined after the documents for the 501 c 3 are actually filed.  We have other excellent software applications
to include multimedia APPS, MS Office and excellent customized software.   We simply need immediate software templates
to write grants successfully at any level.

The call on the churches for support extends to things that
may not be spiritual to the naked eye but is the peaceful solution, that will
also create jobs and bring in revenue to this neighboring community.

We call on the church for tolerance in the name of the Lord
Jesus Christ.  We call on removing the
evils of oppression out of our central point of our community.  We know the vacant lots is unconstitutional
and unjust.  It is pure oppressive policy
and a magnet for crime and unlawfulness.
The state of the community is directly a reaction of these oppressive
policies and the issue my have to go the courts if not resolved at City Hall
and the City Counsel with the mentality that in
these times bad economic policies must be renewed to advance Avon Park
into a safer and more a productive community.
This is good for all inside and outside the community as a sense of
safety will be the guiding eyes of love and peace and humanity.

We feel for this to work in the long term as we should not
simply force our enlightenment on all.
We believe under proper management and security administrative and
manpower support the Beachfront Properties could be a safe haven and place for
people to relax and enjoy each others company.
As we understand there is a conflict of interest with the county and the
city and the owners in area of said establishments, we will bring in a new
management team  to manage the properties
in a acquisition to get hold of these properties to convert the demographic
response by which it is patronizes.

We believe with the support of the Church and not direct financial
support as members will advance to their hearts not by request of the church
clergy, but thru the clergy it will be presented.   We call on the churches of all denominations
to advance their hearts not in money given but in understanding and support for
the cause to advance this community into and better and  safer environment.

We feel we can better administer crime control thru the fact
that the area is isolated and law enforcement will be respected and
appropriated in whatever role they feel is appropriate and private security
agency support will be onsite beyond simple bouncer activity that will be used
if necessary.  We will administer
surveillance camera technology in the area with a direct line to the sheriff
department and other government enforcement agencies as deemed

As new community development is on the upraise in the nearby
fruit groves, this party spot, bar,
grill,  motel will attract a
balanced clientele.  Some of the profits
from the Beachfront Properties will go to the Committee assigned over the to be
renamed from Lincoln Memorial to the Eston
E. L.
Roberts Cemetery.   Named after the man who marked the most
recent grave sites as the ledger belongs to his heirs and the demand/wish  is that there be 9 committee seats and 5 will
go to the digression of the family owners of said ledger and the name be  given apparently with honor and respect and
reverence for the man’s true life works and accomplishments.  He marked the gravesite over a 20 year period
without  hesitation along with a few
friends.  We the Jones Family know the
gravesite is sacred grounds for this reason the ledger was preserved.

We ask that the local community and church leadership
support only in spirit first not limited to this arrangement that a balanced
neighborhood is a realistic approach to a growing society.

We ask the community to be our reference for this request to
receive this $2,000 grant.


Rev. Frank Paul Jones

Map of Weekly Tip Distribution

The NCNCNINC Weekly Tips Distribution Routes

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