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The AIDS Pandemic in Highlands County


AIDS is one of those diseases tied to immorality.  Today people are living longer with HIV/AIDS, due to medical technology.  They have pill cocktails that run for about $9,000.00 per month per patient.  Still AIDS is eventually a death sentence.


Based on statistics Avon Park, FL. a town that has a strong Christian base but also has a very high HIV/AIDS percentage rate.  The second highest HIV/AIDS percentage rate of any state is Florida at about 23.7 people per 100,000 in 2009, behind New York at about 24.6 people per 100,000.  Whereby the District of Columbia without statehood due to all the heroin in the area probably has the highest HIV/AIDS percentage rate in the country at about 119.8 people per 100,000. 


Avon Park, FL. has a HIV/AIDS rate even higher than Washington DC at 185 people per 100,000 based on stats. There were about 11 new cases reported in Highlands County, FL in 2010.  So the odds are 1 in  500 that a person is infected and it is documented in Highlands County, FL.  AIDS is starting to spread faster than many think because of the undocumented carriers.  Many people practice dangerous behaviors and are afraid to get tested.


But wait one minute, remember Highlands County is an agricultural rural area, where there is a constant fluctuation in legal and illegal immigrants from places where AIDS is even worst than here in America and Florida.   For example Mexico has about 250 people per 100,000 who are infected and Haiti 190 people per 100,000.  Often people from poor countries come here to Highlands County, because they can find work in Fruit and vegetable industries. They bring very few of their women here with them.  As we know AIDS is spread mostly thru drug
use and promiscuous sexual activities. 


With the strong religious Christian presence here in Highlands County, why is AIDS so bad?  Well, the bottom line is that here in Avon Park for example you have cafeteria Christians. We eat part of the bible and leave the rest alone.  As many get drunk on Friday and Saturday, screw the whores, go home to their women who has been out all night as well and goes to church on Sunday in fear of God so they claim. 

Here everybody screws everybody, so everybody seems to have something they cannot get rid of in a town’s disease.  It be Father with daughter, sister with brother, uncle with niece and anyone unrelated is food as if everyone is related here.  The irony of it is that here it seems we all are judgmental.  How can people in this immoral town talk about anyone?  To them is sex just a thing and is that Nasty or what? Grimy! 

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