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The DUI Try – The Song 

After being arrested on 1 Aug 2010 for a DUI
(alcohol), I, Frank Paul Jones underwent extensive psychological forensic
evaluations to determine my competence.
This is a tactic used by public defenders when faced with a mentally ill
client.  It is not uncommon.  I am telling the story before lies leak out
by people like 


They (the state of Florida) had a very weak case and the three
evaluations whereby two out of three determined me to be incompetent, is
basically stating because I cannot assist my attorney in my defense, I cannot
proceed in this trial.


It is a conspiracy against me to keep me silent.  As they further destroy my creditability, by
making the world think I am really delusional on every point.  So be it!


Though I cannot be tried in court and my charges were
minor (misdemeanor) I will probably not
be restored to competent because Dr. Tracy G. Henley in a tie breaker
from two previous competency evaluations done by Drs. Crum and Borkosky, said
the problem is long term.  Dr. Crum a
woman found me incompetent and Dr. Borkosky a man found me competent, all of
them are white.


Laws: FL Statutes – Title XLVII Chapter 916 Mentally Deficient and Mentally Ill

The above
hyperlink will take you to the chapter 916 of the Florida Statues.  There are some interesting facts involved in
the decision by the court.  For example,
after 5 years the charges must be dropped due to the statue of limitations and
there is nothing in there stating I will lose any of my civil rights as a
result of this decision.   Therefore in
the state of Florida
I have a right to work and handle my own affairs.  It is not a civil decision and I still can
lead the NCNCHINC, but simply cannot not be tried in the court of law.

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