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Daily Archives: July 16th, 2009

MJJ and DebbieDebbie Rowe Not in it for the Money after all


There were rumors spreading that Debbie Rowe accepted another $4 Million to end the custody Battle with Mother Katherine Jackson, Debbie’s lawyer said this is not true.  My understanding is Debbie is concerned with the welfare of the children from a distance and wanted Michael’s wishes to keep Father Joseph Jackson from influencing how they will be raised.  As Joe already had plans for them to be child stars like his children whereby Michael wanted them to have the childhood he did not have.


Mother Katherine in an interview with Good Morning America talked about her relationship with her children over thee ages and the role she played that led to the huge success,  Some of her last words is she wished her children were more spiritual as they were raise Jehovah Witness,  I can identify because I remember the days when everyone wanted to be like them they were so unified and so together, whereby everyone wanted to see them.  Now it is like they just want to be seen, but the real magic was not just raw and processed talent but the beautiful and radiant attitudes that people wanted to emulate. 


In an interview with Oprah Michael expressed his love for his Mother and said, “Only if I can understand my Father.”  That said! It was once truly about love and the hunger for success, how it became just about selling interviews is beyond me.


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