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Daily Archives: November 14th, 2008

imag0195The National Debt Paid?


From: Frank Paul Gambino

To: President George W. Bush & Pres. Elect Barak Obama

Date: 14 November 2008



You will be on sparkling form over the coming 12 months. No matter what curve balls life decides to throw your way you will deal with them all with ease. If you could only capture and bottle your good fortune you could pay off the national debt.

Financially you seem to be better off now than you were a week or two ago, but that is not an excuse to go on a spree. Times may not be quite so hard but they are still unstable, so don’t start spending money like it grows on trees.

They say the National Debt is $10.6 Trillion Dollars as of 11 November 2008.  The question is who does America owe?  Like I said the Mafia is to big business what the CIA is to the government.  If you shut down the Mafia, you shut down big business and therefore shut down the government and thereby the CIA sells its information to foreign powers and America become weak and venerable.  It is a domino effect.  Stop and think about how 3rd world nations developed and how money was borrowed and you will find out who you actually owe.  That is my speculation anyway.  I do not believe the National Debt is real.


Everyone is getting paid but me; I am still waiting on my check in the mail.  I posted an excerpt and named it “The Chain of events leading to Casino Gambling,” read it and if you find the time read the “Economic Crisis,” this is old stuff but we need to get on the same page again.


Frank Paul Gambino

22p015511A Letter to the Illuminati and their Response


The Economic Crisis: [Around 9/9/01]


Business activity in the United States is in a continuous declining stage.  And, a lot of politicians are starting to include the word “Recession,” in their vocabulary.  Even as some politicians attempt to convey their interpretation of our current economic decline with optimism, I sense pessimistic overtones, as they consider dipping into the so-called social security “Lock Box,” which they vowed not to do except for as they now say in the case of war or a recession.


It is said that our economy is “Consumer based” and “Energy driven.”  The average person’s interpretation of this statement is that, as long as the multitudes use their money to consume goods and services, and the energy supplies are available to sustain these business activities, we will experience good economic times.  In reality this statement is a deception, the reality of the matter is that our economy is actually “Capitalist based,” in that as long as investors can make a profit by means of our consumerism, we will experience a good economy, meaning that they will hire people for jobs, as long as they spend most of their earnings on consumer products, and pay their taxes.


I understand the importance and the nature of these capitalistic principles, which allows many Americans to enjoy a high standard of living; however, it has its faults.  By design our economic system deprives many Americans of the so-called American dream, whereby the average hard working American cannot accumulate moderate holdings, either one will have abundance, or not much at all.  Too many Americans are living as little as two checks away from homelessness.


It is my position that our current economic woes are as a result of corporate greed and government mismanagement.  The bottom line is that we the American people are in over our heads with government and consumer debts, and the big corporate America investors are cashing in on their profits.  It is no secret that the government is in enormous debt, and is using the social security surplus to pay down on it, which will have to be paid back by tax revenues in the future and/or new borrowing.  But, also one must recognize the enormous consumer credit card debts, which are in the range of trillions dollars.  People are not engaging in consumer spending as much as in the past, because they are trying to pay for what they already purchased.  Meanwhile, companies are firing people, because profits are down.


You may think that my statement about corporate investors cashing in on profits is absurd, because everybody knows the stock market is on a down trend.  However, the price of stock depends on what people are willing to pay for it.  Stock prices raise when there are more buyers than sellers, and when people try to unload their stock to cash in on their profits in large numbers, the stock prices decline.


What people need to realize is that the so-called booming economy we recently experienced was a big gimmick that was generated by credit, and now stock prices are basically coming back down to earth.  The whole economic boom was a big scheme, and the American people played right into it.  As a result of this recent charade, unlike never before, there is a huge disparity between those who have and those who have not.  And, I know for a fact that, key members of the underworld not only orchestrated this strategy to create enormous consumer debt, but, also they orchestrated the strategy that created our current government debt.  The whole economic crisis is a conspiracy.


The basis of the recent booming economy was a technology craze, and Microsoft played a major part in it.  People were sold on the idea that computers are not only an important part of the future, but, that everyone should immediately own one.  As people were attracted to this new technology and lead on by constant upgrades that were preceded by the new millennium glitch hype a lot of money was made in the high tech industry.  People jumped into the technology industry without reservations, both in the consumer and investment ends, in what seemed to be an endless and promising systematic activity that people now realize was a very risky enterprise.


The illusion of a booming economy without a foreseeable bottom, with enormous growth in the technology sector created strong consumer confidence.  Meanwhile, those who orchestrated this conspiracy were invested early, and therefore were recipients of huge returns, by enjoying their gains from the beginning.  Then, you had the investors who simply got on the bandwagon, some came out winners, but, far more were clearly losers.  And, you had the consumers who went on a spending frenzy, who now find themselves with a bunch of depreciating junk, and are now in enormous debt.  And, now if you observe the pharmaceutical industry, a new frenzy is on the horizon, whereby, people are lead to believe pills can “cure all.”


So now the questions are: What is the solution to our economic crisis?  What role should the government play?  And, what role should the private sector play in finding a solution?  I believe that if we really want to find a solution to our economic decline, we must first honestly recognize the facts, as to why we are in our current situation, and stop pretending that our economy and its trends are by chance.  We must find a lasting solution to a declining economy that is plagued with consumers deeply in debt, with a government that is deeply in debt, and by nature an economy that selfishly thrives on profiting from consumer and government spending.


To tell you the truth, there is no conventional solution to America’s economic crisis.  The American government and its people have been financially raped.  And, it’s just a matter of time, that if unconventional actions are not taken, this nation will collapse.


These superficial solutions coming out of the political camps, to revive our economy are ludicrous at best.  The one that captured my attention is the idea that reducing the capital gains tax, would resurrect our economy by creating more investment capital.  In other words, like the Savings and Loan Scandal, they want the hard working American tax payers to absorb the losses of those who made bad investments, thereby, dragging the government and therefore the American people down further into debt.


The secret behind the only real and lasting solution to our long term economic crisis is the question of the legitimacy of our government’s debts, which must be paid back by the people.  We need to ask, who is really behind it?  What do they want?  And, with the understanding that the fall of America will not benefit either party, I believe we should really consider the redistribution of our nation’s wealth, to include reparations for descendants of African slaves in America, and debt relief to the United States government by its creditors.  This can all be accomplished by creating laws as a result of negotiations that will create an even playing field for all Americans.  I believe America’s economic crisis is a wake up call; however; still it is up to the American people to respond to it, or continue to sleep in the bed we have made for ourselves, which will lead to our civil destruction, as a result of a financial collapse.


{ON: 9/11/01}  {The WTC & the Pentagon was attacked} That was the answer from them!


22p01551The Chain of Events leading to Gambling Casinos


By: Frank Paul Gambino


Old Money = Illuminati = the New World Order

New Money = Mafia and Associates


1: AIDS a biological weapon developed in 1976.

2: Banking Deregulation Act of 1980 created the S&L Scandal Passed by Reagan

3: Saving and Loans Crisis from about 1986-1991 – Money leaves the system old money loses, new money gains.

4: The Savings and Loans Bailout 1989 passed by Bush Sr. – Tax payers bail out the old money.

5: The Technology Bubble 1995-99-2000 –New money makes a killing.

6: The Technology Bubble Burst 2000-03 – Old money gets into the game late and new money pulls money out of the system.

7: Enormous Government Debt grows to present – self explanatory.

8: Rescue Bill 2008-09 – New money comes back into the system and is taxed, by the government and buys old money bad investments.

9: Economy recovers as new money pumps money back into the system and old money is stabilized.

10: Inventor to the cure to AIDS becomes one of the riches men in the world.  The Son of Man settles with the new money and leaves them.


I think Bloomberg should get a third term provided he gives us Casino Gambling and OTB in Manhattan and New York City.




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