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Be my friend if you want to create a better world and America


By: Frank Paul Gambino


Open Letter to: Senator Obama & Senator McCain


I want to be your friend if you plan to cure AIDS and fix the economy by whatever means necessary.  Do something about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, either fight to win it quickly or move out.  We are losing 6,500 to suicide annually to men and women, but mostly men who come home from the war and kill themselves on U.S. soil.  We are losing 3,500 in war and we have 50,000 casualties.  Something is drastically wrong about our tactics.  


We have gas prices out of the roof and the price of everything is going up as a direct result.  We have an enormous trade deficit.  We have a drug epidemic and illegal immigration out of control all due to corporate greed


The fact of the matter is not everyone is in the red; I do not need anything from the government it is the other way around.  Your economic problem is that the money is out of the system and every time you print more money you make the dollar weaker and more money leaves the system.


You have no choice but to give me the gambling industry in the form of casinos in New York City for starts so I can bring the money back into the system.  I also want OTB in New York City.  I want to own Highlands County, Florida and build a gated community.  The place is prime real estate once it is developed.  It is about 10 ft above sea level so when a hurricane hits Florida it is probably a strong wind by time it hits there.  And it has plenty of water yet in it is centrally located and therefore I will be above ground and not hide in a hole like rat.


What most be done most people do not believe can happen, because people say they believe in God but they believe in something that is not obtainable.  When was the last time a disease was cured?  Answer that question than ask yourselves why.


The fact of the matter is most diseases are manmade, but people have been conditioned to believe they have to die in a short period of time.  Everything expires from human life to computers to even can goods and this is the mentality that has to be overcome.  God created man to live forever.  We have to believe in life and not death.  We have to the heal the sick and cure diseases, we have to heal the atmosphere in the reverse way that we decomposed it.


George Bush did what he had to do and set the stage for Obama or McCain.  The country is going to turn around regardless of who is elected.  I want to be neutral between two friends.


Everything is posted on the web or will be posted.  This calls for a settlement with me. 




Jesus Paul Solomon

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