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Is there a method to the Break in Tour Dates?


To: Janet

From: Paul


I guess there is a method to your break in shows, you are a woman.  I guess there is reason you start on the 10th and stop on the 8th of the next month and go back to work on the 15th.  I should have realized this, my friend told me about your show at Jones Beach.  Maybe booking those days is not a good idea after all.  I do not know these are speculations but it makes sense.  In fact it is good thing!


I still think you should consider booking Atlantic City perhaps for Thanksgiving weekend on the 28th and the 29th taking off Thanksgiving.  You might get away with doing a third show on Sunday afternoon or two shows on Saturday.  I do not think the shows should be more than 2 hours long at casinos.  I do not know how you plan to fit in 45 songs, because at 4 minute each that is 3 hours at a minimum.  I guess you can do a couple sets of 5 songs at 2 minutes a song to speed things up.  I think that would be fun.


Also I think you should try to get something at the MSG in November, because I think the MSG is the number one venue for a concert tour on the east coast, a serious promoter and a serious artist working together cannot neglect New York City and as far as Live Nation is concerned Madonna will be long gone so they will not be competing with themselves.  The City is big enough for both Janet and Madonna; in fact it is bigger than that, especially a month plus apart.


Finally I still think you should take Alicia overseas with you and you should do a dome stadium or two with your brothers, before you leave the United States, you have to go to Japan and other part of Asia, you should reconsider Europe the Euro is strong currency against the dollar meaning you do not have to charge as much as you usually have to in order to make a profit in dollars, meaning more and faster ticket sales and the USO is a must providing they give up logistical support.  Gaining more tour dates in November should not be a problem whatsoever, especially if we think ahead.  I am still waiting on a response about SACD’s and Def Jam’s release of you from the contract and the signing with Live Nation.





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